Sex, Fun and Romance with Author Cassidy McKay

Welcome to my new blog!  While I am new to WordPress, I’m not new to the sex, fun and romance departments of life.  

So let me tell you a little about myself.  I write romances (both sweet and erotic), with seven books published so far (some of these republished a few times due to publishers closing).  I live in Northern California with my husband and four children.  The kids didn’t all get here by finding them under rocks or by storks, so I’ve practiced at least some (okay, most) of what I preach.

I belong to a great group of romance writers, The Midnight Seductions Authors.  We hold contests, chats, group things and just plain fun all the time.  I’ve read many of their books, and if you’re looking for spicy or sweet, I can definitely recommend you check out any of the authors on the MSA list.

I hope to have fun with all of my readers, give you romance tips to help reignite the ‘spice’ in your relationship, tell you about fun ideas and toys, and of course, let you know about romance book news (mine and others!).

I look forward to interacting with everyone.  Here are a few of the other places you can find me on the Internet, stop by and say HEY!


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