Happy New Year’s Eve

Here’s hoping you’ll ring in the New Year in a wonderful way, wherever you may be.  If you have already celebrated, congrats!

Since this blog is about sex, fun and romance, let’s hear how you celebrate the new year with your sweetie (if you have one), or how you’d like to celebrate when you hogtie one. 😉

For me, celebrating the stroke of midnight without children used to involve… well, stroking at midnight.  After four children, almost twenty years, various body parts sliding in a southerly direction, and curious eyes around as the clock strikes twelve, the celebration has regressed to a mushy kiss, hugs, and ‘celebrating’ later after carting off the snoring little ones to bed.

We have a family tradition of food, movies, sparkling apple cider (neither of us are really drinkers–not anything against it, just prefer the taste of apple cider to champagne), and watching the ball drop at midnight.  Some of the kids might be able to stay awake this year (ages 19, 10, 8, and 4), but we’ll wake them up to toast and say happy new year and after a little bit, we’ll tuck them in with a kiss to start the new year.

Is it sexy?   To me, yes… very.   When my husband tucks the little ones into bed, reads them a story, or just spends time with them, I fall in love all over again as I wait my turn to be tucked into bed… properly.   What a way to start the new year!

I hope your 2009 is wonderful!


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