Adding romance every day

We all have busy lives.  Work, kids, school, writing, reading, whatever.  There’s always something that gets in the way of our romances.  It gets pushed to the side, left untended, with a cavalier attitude of “I’ll get to it later.”

But what if there is no later? 

In many romance books, there is a crisis or situation that threatens the hero/heroine/what-have-you that will either kill someone, seperate them in some way, or destroy their relationship.  So every day…every hour… every second becomes more precious than gold.

Why do we let our every day relationships go by the wayside?  You never know when something is going to happen, taking away the love that we’ve taken for granted in some way or another.

So your assignment today, should you choose to accept it, is to take that time with your significant other.  Make them feel special.  Show them how important they are to you in so many ways.  Make every second count… and then start over and do it again.


2 comments on “Adding romance every day

  1. Good article! Definitely we have become slaves of time in so many ways, and we forget the clock is man made and not a natural device. So why don’t we toss time aside when it interfers with our Romantic lives as well as any other aspects? Romance and Love are timeless.

  2. Great article! Definitely true about something always getting in the way of our romances. To me people are to busy trying to get their busy schedule done and forget to keep the romance alive between themselves.

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