Sex, Toys, and Naughty Boys

On the fun note of romance and accessories, I’ll bring up the subject of sex toys. What place do they have in romance, you might ask? Several places, actually.

No, it’s not bad to use toys in an open-minded relationship. It doesn’t make a man less manly, or a woman less womanly (is that a real word?). What it does do is open up many possibilities for new experiments, pleasures, and maybe a fetish or fantasy come true. While some may think that “my partner doesn’t need toys, all he/she needs is ME”, well… come out of the dark ages and feel the force.

I’ve got to say, I love including toys in bed play. No, it doesn’t always happen… in fact, most of the time it doesn’t. But when you want to be a little naughty, play doctor/cop/dominatrix/what-have-you, or just include a little buzzing in the dark, having fun with your partner in a new way can help bring back a dimming spark, or just spice up your sex lives a bit.

Even just “window shopping” online or in a sexy store can revv up the motors, along with reading a spicy book together or sharing your fantasies of what you would like to do with one of the toys/outfits/etc. that you’ve seen.

Enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to “put a little spice in your life!”


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