Convincing your partner to ‘do the wild thang’

If you’re stuck in a rut… same sex, different day… what do you do? While some couples may find wild and crazy things to introduce in the bedroom every chance they can, others have a difficult time convincing their mate that there’s more than one way to accomplish things.

So what can you do? If you’re in the first category, WOO HOO! I do have a few suggestions for those who fit the second category.

– Write sexy love notes describing fun things you’d like to try (one at a time, you don’t want to scare them… too much). Put them in your partner’s purse, briefcase, on their pillow with a rose, wrapped in a little box, etc.

– Wine them, dine them, tease them all through dinner, and mention you’d like to try something fun you read about. If they seem intrigued, try it! If not, work up to it in smaller steps.

– Blindfolds and romantic food (strawberries, whipped cream, honey, chocolate syrup, etc.) can have wondrous effects on a lagging love life.

– Candlelight, warm and scented baths, massages… these can also help break the ice when introducing new ideas or bed play.

– Read an erotic book in bed to your partner, or even just the exciting parts that you’d love to play out.  Pretend you’re a character in a book and seduce the one you’re after!

– Laughter! It eases the body, the mind, and maybe the inhibitions in some cases. Make it a joke, introduce something fun, and enjoy the rewards.

– Dare them! In my upcoming erotic contemporary romance Sinful Temptations (Resplendence Publishing – 01/20/09), my heroine is dared by her childhood friend into calling a phone sex line they see advertised on tv. Little does she know, she’ll meet the love of her life, and end up fighting for both of their lives when someone from the past intervenes.   Who knows, the old ‘dare you!’ could work for you, too.

And even if you’re mate declines, keep hope that one of your other suggestions/dares/requests will be accepted and celebrated with enthusiasm.

Keep up the good work and put a little spice in your life!


4 comments on “Convincing your partner to ‘do the wild thang’

  1. Thankfully inhibitions isn’t an issure for DH. Always willing to give new things a shot!I wholeheartedly agree with laughter. Be prepared to laugh with each other.

    Here’s a tip – if you strip down the king size waterbed to it’s rubber mattress and oil it down – there is no place to hold on too. it’s more like mud wrestling than anything else! And if you take down the shower curtain and oil it up – you get baby oil stains on the carpet (use baby powder to absorb the oil).

    Whipped cream is either cold or warm and runny. Always sticky. Make sure you don’t miss any! Altoids work best with just a couple under the tounge and keep them moving. Pop Rocks taste good.

    That silk tie to your robe may want to untie when it’s keeping your robe closed but I can guarantee it will cinch up and refuse to unknot when it’s been tugged on and around your wrists.

    Just a little advice!

  2. Lynda,

    I tried the oiled water bed thing in high school. I kept sliding over and hitting my head on the wooden base of the bed. It ended up not being as fun as we thought it would be. LOL

  3. Even worse that hitting the head was clean-up. Darn oil dripped down the sides into the bedbox. One time experience for sure!

  4. I would love a little spice, but we are doing good to squeeze in a quickie while the kids are asleep! I guess I have lost most of my want to in the department. Still have fun when the urge strikes though. I tend to like the Hot and Heavy in a hurry spur of the moment not planned. But that’s just me

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