Top Sex Fantasies for Women

Fantasies with food are always a tasty idea

Fantasies with food are always a tasty idea

Doing some fun research tonight on sexual fantasies.  Who’d have thought there were so many creative ways to fantasize? 

Here are some of the top ten female sexual fantasies that I’ve tracked down.  Not saying these are my sexual fantasies, but they all seem to be among the highest rated in most research.  These are in no particular order.

1. Doing Something Forbidden 
Testing the waters, so to speak.  The added spice of doing something you know you’re not supposed to is said to tantalize while you fantasize.

2. Sex with an Inexperience Partner
The old “Mrs. Robinson” routine, many women are said to fantasize about ‘breaking in’ someone.  This is also described as a teacher/student fantasy, where the woman may dress up as a school girl and her school master has to ‘punish’ her for being a bad little girl…  spanking fantasies are quite common.

3. Threesome with another woman
The fantasy of inviting another woman into a couple’s bed play seems to be in both males and females top fantasies.

4. Threesome with two men
This fantasy was one of the top in most of the female fantasy lists that I came across.  Is two better than one?  In your fantasies, that’s for you to decide.

5. Sex with a stranger
No-holds barred sex with a stranger seems to be a very popular fantasy among the ladies. 

6. Voyeurism
The fantasy of watching another person or person(s) indulging in sex or intimate situations brings many women to the list.

7. Being found irresistable
What woman (or man, for that matter) hasn’t fantasized about someone (or more than one) finding them completely irresistable?  Passion takes many forms, but being wanted to distraction, even if only in fantasy, is top on many lists.

8. Domination
Fantasies about dominating a partner or being dominated by a partner (or a stranger) is listed near the top many times. 

9. Role-Playing
Whether dressing up, dressing down, or just taking on the role of someone other than yourself, this seems to be a fantasy that many women share… bring your own handcuffs.

10. Giving/Receiving Oral Sex
Rather self-explanatory, I’d say.

Whatever your fantasies are, stay safe, stay legal, and enjoy every spicy moment!


3 comments on “Top Sex Fantasies for Women

  1. I can relate to all of those except for the one about being with someone younger. Although I like the spanking idea! Hehe.

    Your picture of the strawberry reminds me of that scene from the move Nine and a Half Weeks.
    That scene in front of the fridge was a good one.

  2. I have never wanted to do the Mrs. Robinson thing, but maybe that’s because I just turned 30 last month. Not to big on a 3 way. Seems like a lot of work trying to keep track of what belongs to who. Most of the rest I have to say I have thought about or done. Bad girl LOL

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