Kiss of the Heart

RomanceRemember when the relationship was new? 

The hours spent on the phone talking about everything and nothing at all. 

Holding hands, the secret grins, the thrilling tingles running up from joined fingers. 

The long sighs of pure contentment… and don’t forget the kissing.

What seemed like hours of kissing.  The first fragile touch of lips, clinging and testing.  The first sweep of tongue, the passionate tangling of breaths, fingers running through each other’s hair…

Ah, the memories of a sweet new romance and sweeping innocent passion. 

But why leave it as a memory? 

Why pick out the fact that he had broccoli for dinner, or that she still has bed hair?  We didn’t care back when it was fresh and new, did we? 

Bring back those feelings and refresh the romance.  Make out in the car (without the kids in the back seat going “EWWWW!”), go to a drive-in movie if you can still find one.  Find a beautiful view, and appreciate the sweet enjoyment of kissing the one you love.


2 comments on “Kiss of the Heart

  1. Great post. Love kisses on the neck and down the back! I’m a left brain girl so I tend to like scientific studies. One study i vaguely recall was about how couples that kiss are happier, live longer, and stay together. Makes sense!

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