Revisiting old friends in books

loving books

Today I was browsing through several books that I have in progress… all partially done, and waiting impatiently for inspiration to lend them more body.

Some made me giggle, some made me sigh, and some were just downright naughty.  Seeing the characters that I’ve created in my mind come back to life on the pages of a book or on my computer seems like visiting a trusted old friend.  We know how each other thinks, how they’ll react (most of the time), what their buttons are and exactly when to push them. 

Rereading favorite books has the same effect on me.  I’ll almost always find something I didn’t remember, or a nuance that didn’t stand out before.   I’ve loved romances since I was thirteen years old, and have been writing them since I was fifteen.  While most of my favorite books are romances, fantasy and science fiction aren’t very far behind.  I grew up on Tolkein, Anne McCaffrey, and many many others. 

My older brothers would read almost everything they could get their hands on, and they eventually passed on down to me.  I can remember so many discussions about the books we’d read, as well as sitting on top of a mesa during a huge convergience of storms from different directions.  We were watching the lighting strikes, and each direction had different forces from the Lord of the Rings battles.  It was terribly exciting (and probably a bit foolish), but we left before the storms reached us.

So enjoy your favorite stories again and again, and let your friends and family know about them, if they don’t already.  There’s nothing like a great book to spark conversations.


2 comments on “Revisiting old friends in books

  1. I can’t get anyone in my house to read the same books as I do!!! While both my DS and DD have followed in my footsteps and a readers, they each have very individual tastes. I live in hope that one day DD (13) will see the way. At least my sister is a reader. She lives in a different time zone but we can still talk books!

    I don’t reread any childhood favorites. I was into westerns, mysteries and VC Andrews. None are to my taste now. My sister on the otherhand still has and reread her earlier favorites. For that reasons I’ve made sure the kids keep their favorites.

  2. To encourage our 6 children to read, my DH and I would
    read the books and discuss them with the kids as they read them too. It was a fun family thing to do. It’s amazing
    how a group of people all reading the same book get different things from the same story.
    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread some of Catherine Anderson’s books. She is my all time favorite author. I cry through most of her stories but they are so worth it.

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