Guest Blogger: Tess MacKall!

If you’re looking for a great book, pick up a copy of His Sweet Obsession. 

Highly romantic. Lost love finally found. Sensual.

Everyone who reads it says they can’t put it down. A truly great read!

Warning: Short Excerpt includes explict sex and graphic language.


Take a look at what reviewers are saying:“This is a beautiful heartfelt story that leaves readers with the feeling that any obstacle can be overcome.” 4.5 Blue Ribbons! Click here to read the entire review.

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romancejunkiespic.jpg picture by jesstaychant ROMANCE JUNKIES SAYS:


MOONDANCER REVIEWS gives if Five Moons!

“Romance will never die as long as Miss Mackall writes with such passion.” Click Here to read the entire review.


Have you ever loved someone so much you’d wait your entire life for them just to discover love may not be enough? Jack and Addy belong together, but their past haunts them. Will their sweet obsession be enough to sustain them or will it tear them further apart?Coming back to Texas was the last thing on Addy’s mind, but with the death of her Aunt Maggie who raised her, that’s exactly where she finds herself– back under the scorching Texas sun and thanks to Maggie’s last will and testament, tied to the very place she ran from years ago.Jack has lived and worked on the Double Eagle Ranch all his life. It means everything to him- with the exception of Addy. Years ago he hurt her and she left because of it, but now she’s back and he wonders if God has given them a second chance.



Short Excerpt:

Her hips moved in tandem to the smooth glide of his cock. In a sudden movement, he pulled away from her lips. Sweat beaded his brow; a rivulet ran down his cheek. She tunneled her fingers through his hair, driven by her need to taste every part of him and whispered, “Your turn to beg.”

“It won’t take long.” He thrust his tongue inside her mouth, his body tense with hunger. Every muscle tightly coiled, every inch of his flesh ready to surrender to his insatiable need for her.

Rolling with her onto his back, she pushed up and straddled him. The sight of her naked flesh unraveled his control. Tiny spasms chased the surge of blood pumping into his cock and fire crawled through his veins.

She dangled her breasts over his face and dropped one engorged nipple into his mouth. Jack closed his lips around the red bud and sucked greedily, circling her with his arms to bring her closer. With a sexy moan, her eyes heavy-lidded, she withdrew the puckered tip and teased his lips with her other nipple.

His arm swept outward toward her. She leaned back out of reach, tugged the nipple from his mouth, and trailed the sopping wet tips through the thick hair of his chest down to his cock. Mesmerized by the rise and fall of her breasts, he licked his lips, groaning with the delectable pain hammering in his nut sac. He needed to be inside her. Needed to feel her soft walls stretch and tighten around his staff, to feel the warm, wet rush of her climax around his own.

He’d never seen such a beautiful sight—hair the color of new pennies, fire-light scattered in its waves. Her creamy white skin, soft and smooth, her crimson nipples, tight with desire. And those lips—ripe and red—lips he’d spent a lifetime dreaming of kissing. A perfect porcelain doll. There wasn’t a sunset in Texas that could hold a candle to his Addy. Is she mine? Or is this just a dream?

To read the first chapter click here!

To Buy, Click Here!



5 comments on “Guest Blogger: Tess MacKall!

  1. Tess, thank you so much for coming and telling us about your book. I have to say, it looks seductively yummy!

    Sign me up!


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