New Release! Sinful Temptations now available

I’d like to tell you about my latest book that just released a few hours ago!  Woo Hoo!  Available in e-book now, and will be available in print in a few months in an anthology from Resplendence Publishing.
Old habits die hard, no matter how much time has passed. Twenty-eight year old real estate receptionist Jennifer Amante calls a phone sex line on a dare from her childhood friend, and encounters “Naughty Nick”, the self-made man who runs Sinful Temptations.

Tempted out of her normal repressive shell, Jenn lets loose, safe in the knowledge she’ll never encounter Naughty Nick. Yet, when the handsome, successful Nicholas Germaine walks into her real estate office looking to buy a house, she redirects her fantasies on the phone to include the man she lusts after but denies herself in person.

As passion tempts them both beyond their previous boundaries, Nick and Jenn must confront the deceit, jealousy, and death that stalks them.

Can they survive their Sinful Temptations?
This contemporary erotic romance is available at Resplendence Publishing right now!

BRIEF EXCERPT:  (*warning, this book is explicit, and available only to adults over 18*)

“Come on, you know you don’t have the guts to do it. I double-dare you.”

Jenn picked up the phone, dialing the number she saw on the screen before she lost her nerve. A dare is a dare, even if we’re not teenagers any more. The ringing on the other end sounded like a death-knell and sweat broke out on her brow. Glancing at Tess, she rolled her eyes at the blonde who had dared her into calling the sex line they’d seen advertised on TV.

“Hello, you have reached Sinful Temptations,” a sexy male voice answered after the third ring.

“It’s an answering machine,” Jenn whispered, covering the mouthpiece. “Should I just hang up?”

“No, no. Do it. Maybe you’ll meet some hunk and finally get laid.” Tess laughed, sticking her tongue out.

“After the tone, please leave your first name, your age, your telephone number and anything in particular that you are looking for, and the man of your dreams will return your call shortly. Please have your credit card ready.”

Jenn waited for the beep, wondering how she could get out of this with her best friend staring her down. Beep. “My name is Jennifer, and I’m twenty-eight years old. I’m not looking for anything in particular, but meeting someone new might be nice. My number is 555-3291.

Tess snatched the cordless out of her hand.

“No!” Jenn grabbed for the phone, but her friend scampered out of reach.

She began imitating Jenn’s voice with uncanny accuracy. “…and it’s been so long for me that I think I’m a born-again virgin. I need someone to pop my cherry and break the dry spell, so please call me.”

Tess hung up and giggled as Jenn ran after her with clenched fists. “There, now that might get you somewhere.” Her friend laughed.


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