Sometimes you come across something on the Internet that makes you do a double-take.  Or a triple-take.  Or maybe just makes your jaw drop so hard on the keyboard that you have letters permanently imbedded in your chin.

This qualified for all of the above…

PMSBuddy.com.  “Saving relationships, one month at a time.”

This website apparently is a way to track womens monthlies… you can enter more than one woman. 

It even sends out reminders for friends and family so they will know when those sensitive times are in the month for that specific woman.  Both men and women can use this site.

Ummmmm.   I don’t know about you, but my husband has NO difficulties knowing when ‘those sensitive times of the month’ are.  Never.  If he ever did, a heavy frying pan would handily remind him… repeatedly.

Is this a smart website?  Dangerous?  Help for the clueless and/or menstrually challenged?

I don’t know, but if I find out my hubby registered, the frying pan is coming back out!  I have a large yard to bury the bodies…


2 comments on “Oh-My-God

  1. I can’t believe there is actually a site like that out there! Honestly the thing wouldn’t have worked for me anyway. Every month is something new. I guess you could call me a Sybil PMSer.

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