Writing Rituals – Do you have any?

A post on a blog from another writer about writing rituals got me to thinking over the things that I do to get ready to write ultra-sexy romances.  Are they rituals?  I don’t know, but it seems I do them most of the time that I write.  Here goes:

Me, I just sit my butt down and write.  No rituals that I know of.

Oh wait–I guess I do have some rituals for writing.

I sit down with the laptop, with my notes next to me, full of inspiration and the story running through my head.

Get up, take whatever the kids are fighting over away and put it where they can’t reach it.

Sit down, then get up and put a bandaid on whatever is now bleeding over the next thing the kids are fighting over.

Knock the puppy’s water over, find a towel and sop up the mess, put the towel in the laundry, then find a paper towel to clean up where the puppy didn’t make it out the door on time because I was in the laundry room.

Sit down, get up, get the kids some drinks/snacks/cyanide.

Sit down, get up and fix lunch.

Sit down, try and figure out where my story is and get back what was running through my head this morning, only to find out it left without me.

Get up & take the puppy out, sit down, then get up and get my husband lunch because he didn’t hear me over his video game the first time.

Sit down, then get up & let the puppy back in.

Sit down, get up and remove the kids from the ceilings.

Sit down, find the puppy has chewed up my notes and peed on the floor again while I was trying to find the duct tape for the kids.  Get up, clean up the mess and curse that the duct tape babysitter isn’t available today.

Sit back down with a new, completely inspired storyline that was even better than the one this morning, and find the battery on the laptop has died.

Ahhh, the glamorous life of a romance writer.  If you’re a writer, do you have anything that you do before writing to ‘get you in the mood’?


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