Super Bowl or Super Bore?

Today is Super Bowl Sunday here in the U.S.

Rabid fans everywhere are gearing up for the Big Game, parties are being planned, food is cooking, people are gathering together and in many places, those who don’t ‘do football’ are hoping to find a quiet hole to hide in until the insanity is over.
Me, I’m a tomboy. I always have been, always will be. I was raised by my dad with four older brothers. But guess what? I don’t ‘do football’ at all. We never watched it growing up, my brothers didn’t play it, and Super Bowl was never on the menu.
My first husband never watched it. My current husband doesn’t watch it. I’ll never be a ‘football widow’ during the season. Now, I have to admit, my eldest son will watch it once in awhile, but it’s not a big priority.
Am I completely against football? Nope. I like a big, hot man with a tight end, too! I enjoyed watching football in person at my high school games way back in the day. It was exciting, I loved cheering on my school’s team and the energy was amazing. I think I did more people watching than football watching, though.
So–whether you are planning a big party today or just hanging out, enjoy yourself! And don’t forget to make your significant other feel special, too. Love and romance aren’t just for Valentine’s Day.
Speaking of which, remember to join my fellow Midnight Seductions  for our all day chat bash at the Midnight Seductions Author’s group on February 13th. Prizes will be given away every hour from 10am – 10pm along with excerpts, recipes, jokes Q&A and more. I’ll choose a commenter from one of my blog posts and give away a special prize at the chat!
See you there!

3 comments on “Super Bowl or Super Bore?

  1. Hey there – both halves of Adriana loved watching the game together, actually – we always root for the underdog (unless the Packers are playing) so it was thrilling to see the Saints win!

    See you at the big bash Saturday!

  2. ok here my comment. I’m following you around everywhere now. all but myspace cause it’s having issues today. poor myspace’s “time of the month”. Anyway I love football so … 🙂 lol

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