Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Why do the majority of romance novels feature handsome, muscled hunks and thin, beautiful women?  From some people I’ve heard that they want to escape into fantasy…these type of people are the ‘media ideal’ which most people don’t have and fantasize about.

Sinful Temptations by Cassidy McKayDo you fantasize about these types of people?  Or do you want to read romances about ‘real’ people? People who don’t fit the media’s image of perfection?

I have to admit, I love the ‘fantasy’ as much as anyone else.  I like looking at pretty people, but when I daydream about jumping on the nearest hunk-o-the-month, I’m not dreaming about the media ideal of a man.  I’m dreaming about a guy with a little extra ‘real estate’ and some salt and pepper on top.

Does that surprise you?

Outside beauty is so fleeting. It is the beauty inside that makes the person romantic, full of character, and ultimately someone we are compatible with for more than just a one night stand.

In writing, it can be all about the fantasy, or we can pull elements of real life into the equation and weave a more realistic and ultimately more believable story that drags us in kicking and screaming, and doesn’t let us go until it has wrung every ounce of emotion out of us, leaving us satisfied and wanting more.

So what yanks your chain? Is it the fantasy of that which is unattainable and transient? Or is it the reality of someone you could meet on the street or in the grocery store tomorrow, who might sweep you off your feet and give you that ‘happily ever after?’


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