Just A Little White Lie

I’ve been tagged by romance author Cassandra Gold to play in the Little White Lies game!  Now, I never quite play by the rules, so I’m going to do it backwards.  The way it works it this:

I’m going to post six statements about me below.  Only one of them is NOT true.  Find my little white lie!

1.  I love onions.

2.  I am a student.

3.  I am an ordained minister.

4.  I broke someone’s nose once.

5.  I have flown in a police helicopter.

6.  I have a garden gnome in my front room.

OK, now all you have to do is spot the ‘little white lie’ above, and e-mail me with a guess as to which one it is (please include the statement, not just a number).  The winner will be chose a on March 14th, 2010, for a surprise gift. 

Now I will tag another person to play along!  Author H.E. Curtis, will you please stand up?

Please visit Mr. Curtis’ blog and see what he has to say!


2 comments on “Just A Little White Lie

  1. too sneaky, tagging H E Curtis! I played it backwards too – we had too much fun coming up with true statements! I think I know which one is the lie but I’ll keep my mouth shut til the contest’s over!


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