If you had only seconds to live…what would your last words be?

I write romance. I admit that I’ve been lifelong romance-junkie. I love the long, seductive glances, the tentative touches, and the tingle just from being with that one special person. The lazy days lounging under a leafy tree on a blanket, those wonderful nights of loving… who could resist spending all that time falling in love, being in love, or rediscovering love?

But a few days ago, I saw something on the news that made me think about those deliciously decadent days a little differently.

Passengers on an airplane mid-flight were startled when a loud explosion sounded above their heads. A large hole had been blown in the side of the airplane just behind the cargo bins, and they could see the sky through it. Oxygen masks dropped and the plane set immediately into a deep dive. Many of the passengers assumed they had only moments to live before the plane went down.

One man on board texted his wife from his phone, saying something like: “Plane going down. Love you.”

As the wife of a man who travels for business occasionally, just the thought of receiving a text like that sends chills down my spine. Then I thought of what I would say in those few moments if I had the chance.

What would you say if you could only send on short text to someone in your last moments? Would it be something loving? A bit of twisted revenge against an enemy? Something romantic and memorable? Something funny for them to remember your humor?

I would like to say I’d think of something so profoundly moving, humorous and memorable that I’d be memorialized in stories of love forever. But in those precious few seconds of panic, how many of us could realistically come up with something even semi-coherent, let alone something that would inspire those we’d left behind?

I’m afraid mine would probably be something more mundane, like: “Don’t forget to feed the kids.”


5 comments on “If you had only seconds to live…what would your last words be?

  1. Have you seen the opening of the move Love Actually/ This is exactly what Hugh Grant’s character was talking about, and was the premise of the whole movie. Very excellent piece of advice Cassidy. Maybe it’s time to let the little things go and think in these terms?

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