It’s beginning to look a lot like… PRIZES!

Hey all!  I’m basking in the wintry weather up here in Washington. It’s almost like it’s December or something!  How strange is that?

I’m participating in the Stuff Your Stockings Blog Hop this year with almost 200 other authors~so start your hopping!

  • – I am giving away a $10 gift certificate to either or Barnes & so you can stock up on some of your favorite books for the holidays.
  • – I’ll also give away 2 books from my backlist, winner’s choice.  
  • * All winners will be chosen from comments on my blog, so feel free to comment away!

I’ll roll them all little balls and have the new kitten, Gomez, snatch the winners at the end of the blog hop (he just LOVES smacking around paper!).


Why would I do something like this?  Well, I love the season, and I just can’t resist playing with the silly little kitten.  He showed up a few weeks ago after being caught by a pack of dogs out in the below-freezing weather. So we brought him in, doctored him up, thawed and fed him, and he never left.  It’s my husband’s fault, really.  Seriously, he’s a big old softy.

Okay, that and I have a brand-new holiday release at Changeling Press. White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings is an erotic story about a very very naughty elf who just wants to please all the BIG boys and girls with his special brand of adult toys.

White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings by Cassidy McKay available now at Changeling Press!

White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings by Cassidy McKay available now at Changeling Press!

White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings
by Cassidy McKay

What’s a Christmas Elf to do when he wants to sex up the North Pole a bit? Make adult toys, of course!

When Henry’s Elven magic goes awry, Santa’s workshop will never be the same.

Here’s a naughty excerpt from the story (rated R–be warned!)

Additional warnings: LAUGHTER & SPEW ALERTS — Do not attempt to drink any liquids during the reading of this story. This could cause major damage to electrical appliances, romantic evenings and scare the animals.  You’ve been warned.



Abby stumbled into the kitchen for a drink without bothering to turn the lights on. The ambient glow from the streetlight was usually enough for her to find her way. Yet tonight, the glow was absent.

Maybe it’s cloudy outside.

She felt her way along the wall and crossed the dining room toward the kitchen, only to run into a solid wall where there shouldn’t be one. Abby stuck out her hands, and felt… skin. Warm, solid, muscled, skin, dusted with hair. Male skin.

She screamed, prompting another warm, solid, muscled male body to slide behind her, his hand gently covering her mouth. She was bracketed by them in an almost naked Abby sandwich.

No way, Jose! I’ve seen this kind of movie too many times. I’m not gonna end up on the wrong side of a slasher film with screeching music after letting some strangers feel me up.

The man in front of her framed her face with his hands as if he wanted to kiss her, so she placed her palms on either side of his waist as he drew near, pulling him just a little bit closer.


The guy in front of her went down with a whimper, her sharp knee right on target. She flung her head back toward the man behind her, hoping he was close enough and short enough for her skull to hit him in the face.
She was correct on both guesses, and the second man went down. Abby ran for her cell phone and the front door, dialing 9-1-1 as she fumbled with the locks.

The phone went dead. Dropping the useless thing, she undid four of the locks by feel before she heard the men stirring. She shot a glance behind her and doubled her efforts, only to find all the locks re-secured when she turned the light on. “Holy crap! What the hell is going on?” I know I undid those locks. I’ve done it a thousand times.

“We’re your Christmas presents, Abby.” A man’s pained voice sounded from the bodies she’d left near the kitchen.

Abby turned toward them after glancing again at the dead cell phone. The locks, she couldn’t explain.

The men rose shakily, helping each other up. Two nearly identical “steaming hot, muscled hunks of love,” her girlfriends at work would call them. She could easily imagine her friends pushing each other out of the way to shove crisp dollar bills down the men’s tight, brightly colored little thongs.

Thongs in Chicago in December? Oh no. “Uhm… you said you were my Christmas presents?”

They nodded in tandem.

“Did Mandy and Kim send you? I told them not to get me anything for Christmas, damn it!”

The men shrugged, and the one with the bloodied nose pulled a towel away from his face. “We don’t know who sent us, Abby, just that we’re here to grant your every desire.”

“Great. How about you start by cleaning the bathroom? I hate doing that. Or are you strictly the dancing and dollar bill type?”

They glanced at each other in confusion, and she groaned when their eyes widened in obvious interest while they checked each other out. She had to admit, her friends definitely had good taste in eye candy. Completely delicious, from the top of their heads, past their broad, muscled chests, ripped abs, over their miniscule thongs, down their perfectly sculpted legs, and all the way down to their feet. One of which, on each man, was covered in an odd sock that looked suspiciously like the ones from her window sill.

She sighed in disappointment as they completely ignored her for each other. “The bathroom’s that way, guys.” She pointed down the hall, and strode into the bedroom to dress and down a couple of aspirin for the pounding headache she felt starting. “Just my luck. Two gorgeous men at my beck and call, bought and paid for… and they’re gay. Figures.” She shut the door on her fantasies and changed into her sweats.

* * *

“Oh yeah, shove it in there! Harder! Harder!”

The enthusiastic shout coming from her bathroom had Abby rushing to finish dressing. No way. No fucking way! They couldn’t be… not in her bathroom!

“Wait, it’s too tight.” The other voice sounded strained, panting hard. “I don’t think it’s going to fit — oh, there it goes!” A disgusting sound squirted wetly, the sound coming faster and faster as the men cheered themselves on, breathing harder and harder.

“Who knew there would be so much suction?”

“Damn, it’s kind of dirty, don’t you think?”

She stood outside the bathroom door, hesitating. It was swung closed, but not entirely shut. Just a little push, and it would swing open wider…

No, that would be disturbing their privacy.

Still unsure, she nudged the door with her foot. Oops. She peeked through the slight gap in the door, feeling kind of naughty, but ready for a little man-on-man action to liven up her Christmas Eve.

~ Cassidy
Here’s the rest of the blog hop authors–enjoy your hopping!

Participating Authors (Click name to visit site)

  1. Drea Becraft: Vintage Silver Owl Big Eye Long Chain Necklace, Ornament, and a copy of The Real Saint Nic
  2. JBP Book Reviews: Red Gemstone 10k GP Ring (Size 8), Ornament, and a copy of The Real Saint Nic
  3. Avril Ashton: two winners: one will get their pick of two ebooks and the other will get a $5 Evernight Publishing GC
  4. Cassandre Dayne: One copy of St. Nick’s Night of Xstasy (menage) and One copy of Shattered (m/m)
  5. Dakotah Black: Two copies of PINKED (campy murder mystery set in community associations)
  6. D.H. Black : Two copies of Enslaved (gritty cop drama with BDSM)
  7. Jean Joachim: Winners choice of book to 10 winners
  8. Kharisma Rayne: any Dec or Jan release of choice
  9. Erotic Diaries: 7 Different ebooks by various authors
  10. Havan Fellows: Winners choice of one of my anthologies
  11. Robin Badillo: $20 Amazon gift card a copy of my Christmas Novella, “The Long Way Home”.
  12. Elizabeth Black: a copy of either “Filthy Leuker” or “Feral Heat”.
  13. Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy: Sing We Now of Christmas (ebook) , ornament, and a few more extras
  14. Sandra Sookoo: A PDF of any of my Christmas books plus swag
  15. Karenna Colcroft: autographed copy of my MFM novel Shiny Objects
  16. Jambrea Jo Jones: a pdf from my backlist, a holiday ornament, and a print copy of Seeds of Dawn Vol. 1 & 2
  17. Ruth J. Hartman: Reader’s choice of any of my romances in ebook form
  18. Liz Crowe: Beer Wench tee shirt
  19. Lucy Felthouse: Winners choice of backlist
  20. Kerry Adrienne: $25 GC to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and Flat Rate box of books to US winner
  21. Desi  Moon: Ecopy of my contemporary romance Summerland
  22. Ella Jade: eBook copy: BDSM Romance The Lonely Dominant.
  23. Mari Carr: winner’s choice of backlist
  24. Coffee Beans & Love Scenes: $20 Amazon GC
  25. Raine Delight: $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Nobles
  26. Kellie Kamryn: paperback copy of Dee Davis’s A Dangerous Game, and one of my ebooks
  27. Rose Anderson: One wine-lovers ornament and winner’s choice ebook copy of one of my books
  28. Daisy Dunn: Christmas Stockings & a $10 gift card to Amazon
  29. Casea Major: Pinocchio Syndrome(ebook), One Knight in Brooklyn (ebook), 2012 FDNY Calendar
  30. Alexx Miller: 4 signed books, 4 signed romance trading cards, pair of hand crafted angel earrings, and 2 hand crafted book marks plus a few e-books
  31. D.C. McMillen: winner’s choice from the Nauti-Lust series
  32. Abby Hayes: Ebook copy of Finding Paradise as soon the ebook is released
  33. Tamara Monteau: an autographed paperback of Twilight Destiny (Haven’s Realm 1)
  34. Cathy Greenfeder: Wildflowers e-book, t-shirt, and trading cards
  35. Julia Barrett: a copy of my Science Fiction Romance book, Captured (one print one ebook)
  36. Lorelei Confer: two e-books, Deadly Deception and Deadly Revenge
  37. Ju Dimello: my debut book (e-book) from Ellora’s Cave
  38. Naomi Bellina: Sensual Enchantment body oil, US residents only
  39. Kallypso Masters: Free e-copy of Nobody’s Hero, her December release and Book 3 in her Rescue Me series
  40. Lyric James: my Xmas book The Secret Santa Project and a $5.00 gift cert to Amazon
  41. Lisa Fox: ebook copy of Santa’s Sleeping Beauty
  42. Kathleen Grieve: $10 Evernight Publishing Gift Certificate
  43. Cari Quinn: winner’s choice of $10 Amazon/B&N/EC gift card and 2 of my ebooks
  44. Elizabeth Noble: Choice off backlist
  45. Wendi Zwaduk: $5 GC to changeling
  46. Megan Slayer: $5 GC to changeling
  47. S.J. Frost: Winner’s Choice of any title from my backlist in print or ebook
  48. Anne Holly: $10 Amazon GC
  49. Dakota Trace: a copy of every book in my Dom’s of Chicago series
  50. Fiona McGier: 4 ebook copies of winners choice of backlist
  51. Amelia James: winner’s choice of my trashy ebooks
  52. Kaily Hart: $25 dollar Gift Card to an online book store (winner’s choice) AND a copy of any 1 book from my ebook backlist
  53. Dawne Prochilo: His Holiday Seduction (PDF)
  54. Secret Cravings Publishing: When We Meet Again (PDF)
  55. Jesse V. Coffey: 2 free copies of my ebook, The Brothers Cameron: An Opportunity for Resentment
  56. Pender Mackie: audio version of my first book, Scent of Attraction
  57. Stacey Kennedy: A copy of All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom
  58. Lisa Kessler: a digital copy of Night Walker along with other holiday goodies
  59. Clarissa Yip
  60. Rosalie Lario: 2 ecopies of Blood of the Demon, #1 in my Demons of Infernum series
  61. Anne Barwell: ebook copy of my novel, Cat’s Quill
  62. Trinity Blacio: $25 eCard to Walmart
  63. Barbara Westbrook : a copy of Rebecca’s Choice
  64. Wendy Smith:$20 gift card to Shutterfly
  65. Nina Pierce: A choice of digital book on my back list. $10 Ellora’s Cave gift card
  66. Stacy Juba: A Smashwords copy of Blood Angel by Kelly McClymer
  67. Kiru Taye: $10 gift card Amazon or ARe, winner’s choice plus 2 FREE eBooks of His Treasure
  68. Lily Sawyer: Winners choice or prizes
  69. W Lynn Chantale: Giving away a grab bag of goodies
  70. Laura Kaye: one of my four ebooks + set of glitter snowflake ornaments
  71. Natalie-Nicole Bates : pdf of Antique Charming and perfume
  72. Xandra James
  73. Jane Wakely: $10 Kindle/Amazon Gift Card
  74. Ana Hart: $20 Amazon giftcard
  75. Ashley Marie Lucas
  76. Casey Crow: an e-book copy of my erotic debut Can’t Fake
  77. Victoria Blisse: a copy of Seductive Rendezvous
  78. Selena Kitt: a Kindle fire, 5 e-copies of Letters to the Baumgartners, 5 e-copies of A Baumgartner Christmas
  79. Tammy Dennings Maggy: A copy of For The Love Of Quinn
  80. Sara York: A $20 gift certificate to Amazon
  81. Dana Pratola: a signed copy of THE COVERING
  82. BL & Rawiya: Anything from BL and Michael’s backlists
  83. Gabrielle Evans: A giftbasket with a signed paperback book (RC), swag, and lotions, bath salts, etc. from Sephora, One signed paperback (RC), Two ebooks (RC)
  84. Diane Alberts: a copy of Kill Me tomorrow
  85. Nicole Zoltack: winner’s choice  of backlist in PDF format
  86. Cindy Jacks: a copy of HOUR OF THE WOLF and an Amazon Gift Certificate
  87. Sara Trimble
  88. Roxanne Rhoads: Signed print copy of Tasty Christmas Treats
  89. Jodi Redford: $10 Samhain giftcard and a Zombie Smuthound tote bag
  90. Bianca Sommerland: An ebook copy of Deadly Captive: Collateral Damage, A ‘Cyrus makes me Wet’ T-Shirt’, And winner’s choice from backlist
  91. Lexxx Christian: copies of Hellsong and Second Skin
  92. Simply Erotic Reviews: $10 from publisher/vendor of choice
  93. Cassandra Dean: ebook title in the Decadent Publishing backlist
  94. Kay Springsteen: PDF copies of any 2 books from my backlist plus $5 gift code for Astraea Press
  95. Vanessa Morgan
  96. James Robert Myers
  97. Crymsyn Hart: the first 2 books in my Hell’s Gate series. Santino and Draig
  98. Natasha Blackthorne: two erotic historical romance novella ebooks
  99. W.J. Howard: $10.00 gift certificate for Vamplit Published eBooks
  100. Tarah Scott: a copy of my Scottish Medieval The Pendulum:Legacy of the Celtic Brooch
  101. T.C. Archer: a ecopy of WINTER IN PARADISE
  102. Sable Hunter: 1 of A Wishing Moon, 1 of TROUBLE, 1 of Unchained Melody and 1 of Her Magic Touch
  103. Jayne Rylon: $10 gift certificate to Samhain
  104. Jennifer Labelle: 1 copy of Spice It Up, & 1 copy of Meant To Be
  105. Carrie Ann Ryan: a copy of An Alpha’s Path
  106. Giselle Renard: Ecopy of of The Red Satin Collection
  107. Mary Abshire: winners choice of two ebooks from my Soul Catcher series
  108. Cassidy McKay: You’re already HERE!
  109. Kacey Hammell: Ebook copy of SINFUL Ebook copy of LAST MAN STANDING, Ebook copies of SINFUL & LAST MAN STANDING + Author Goodies (One Winner Each)
  110. Ashley Blade
  111. Ayla Ruse: copy of my latest release with Changeling Press – White Hot Christmas
  112. Tara Lain: 2 ecopies of Mistletowed
  113. Julie L Hayes: winner choice of anything from my backlist
  114. Jamallan Bergman
  115. Keta Diablo: a book of their choice from my releases
  116. Sarah Makela: digital copy of Super Powered: Stolen from Changeling Press, and a winner’s choice eBook from backlist
  117. Vanessa Johnson: $10 GC to Red Rose Publishing
  118. Rhian Cahill: winners choice of one download of my backlist
  119. Romance Writers Behaving BadlyRip Cord ebook from Jeanne St. James,PDF copy from Savanna Kougar’s backlist,A Download of Alitus, Tales of the Chosen from Kayelle AllenA, PDF download of Handcuffs & Silk from Mary Quast
  120. Mary Quest: PDF of Handcuffs & Silk
  121. Louisa Bacio: $10 Ravenous Romance gift certificate, and a .pdf copy from my backlist
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  125. Sarah Ballance: choice of any of my published titles AND a $5 GC to Amazon
  126. KT Bishop: one of my holiday books at Rebel Ink Press or Red Rose Publishing
  127. Marie Rose Dufour: a free copy of Fated Mates and a $10 gift certificate to ARe or Bookstrand
  128. Nichelle Gregory: Two winners will win a copy of As You Wish and The Gingerbread Tryst!
  129. Lacey Wolfe: winner a choice of my debut novella Amber’s Muse or the first book in my Hot Bods series Fool Me Once
  130. Marteeka Karland: digital copy of Wolfsblood: Snow Wolf from Changeling Press and a $10 GC from BTP
  131. Kerrianne Coombes
  132. Doris O’Connor: e-books Lure of the Blood and Scandinavian Scandal
  133. Emma Short
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  135. Amy McCorkle/Kate Lynd: ebook NO ORDINARY LOVE
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  137. Leann Arndt
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  146. Stephanie Draven: a digital copy of DARK SINS & DESERT SANDS (HQN Nocturne)
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  148. Markee Anderson: one ebook from the Chritmas bookself, up to $6 a piece, to five different winners & a cupon for a free Christmas book
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  150. Siobhan Kinkade:  one of each of my 3 books – Marked, She-Wolf, and Blood Doll
  151. Naughty Night Press: one copy of their Christmas anthology, Doing the Naughty List Twice
  152. Erica Pike: an e-copy of “Hot Hands”, an e-copy  ”A Life Without You”, or a $15 gift card from a publisher
  153. Stephanie Dagg: three copies of my children’s ebook Oh Santa
  154. Kelly Jamieson: a copy of my Christmas novella All I Want For Christmas and a $10 gift card to choice of Amazon/B&N/Ellora?s Cave
  155. Lee Brazil: copies of Word Play or And the Prompt Is, and And the Prompt Is The Holiday Edition
  156. Sue Brown: winner’s choice from backlist
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  158. Shannon West: copy of Come Hell or High Water
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  162. Chelsie Shakespeare: Two copies of my debut novel, The Pull
  163. Daryl Devore: a copy of my latest release – Black Dorn
  164. Laura Tolomei: an Ebook of my new release The Pirate’s Surrender
  165. Regan Walsh: two ebooks of my paranormal romance, Whisper Cape, and one autographed copy in print
  166. Cynthia Arsuaga: A Gift of Love or The Misadventures of Dick Grewcock: A Vampire’s First Christmas
  167. Marguerite Butler
  168. Annette Snyder: winner’s choice from my published works
  169. Brenda Wood & Steve Tindle: one copy of choice of Best Lover in Town, Triangle of Secrets, Temptation Triggers in PDF
  170. Blaire McDowell:  2 copies of Abigail’s Christmas and one copy of ‘The Memory of Roses’
  171. Stephanie Campbell
  172. Z.A. Maxfield: one copy of each of my holiday stories
  173. Lisa Worrall: one copy of each of my holiday stories, Too Much Christmas Spirt and Mr Popsalos
  174. Dominique Eastwick: a Wiccan Haus Necklace, Cell phone Charm and a copy of the Wiccan Haus
  175. Jianne Carlo
  176. Shermaine Williams: an ebook copy of Future Present
  177. Heather Boyd: A PDF copy of The Almack’s Alternative
  178. Grace Wen: a copy of An Imperfect Wife and a $25 Amazon gift card
  179. A.J. Jarett: $25 gift card to Amazon and a pdf of my book Fate’s Second Chance
  180. Mickie Sherwood: one eBook copy of either Louisiana Hot Sauce or Nicked Hearts
  181. Jenna Jaxon: $10.00 Amazon GC and a copies of my Christmas Collection
  182. J.L. Campbell:  five e-copies of Don’t Get Mad….Get Even
  183. Sam Cheever: Christmas t-shirt and boxer set, as well as a signed copy of the reader’s choice of my books in print
  184. Frances Paul
  185. Pink Squirrel Press: an ebook copy of our m/m seasonal anthology – Winter Warmers
  186. PD Singer: one story from my backlist and a PD Singer keychain flashlight
  187. Juniper Bell: $25 Amazon/Samhain/EC gift certificate (winner’s choice) and Choice of book from my backlist
  188. Candice Butler: $20.00 amazon gift card, a selection of Seattle Chocolate Truffles and an e-copy of Serving Serena
  189. Jewel D’Arcy: a copy of my new release Beyond the Green Door
  190. Tonya Callihan
  191. Sloan Parker: a copy of my new release, Take Me Home
  192. Randy Atwood: Choice off backlist

52 comments on “It’s beginning to look a lot like… PRIZES!

  1. Thanks for the fab giveaway! White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings sounds like a great read. Have a nice Christmas.


  2. Happy Holidays!
    I am having a wonderful time going to all the sites and trying to stuff all the eye candy in my stocking!
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win such a great prize!
    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  3. You sound like as big of a sucker for an animal as I am! I always say “No more!” but then one will show up hungry or I will see one being neglected or abandoned and have to take them in. Of my last 6 cats & dogs (3 of which I still have) only 1 was not a rescue/adoptee.
    Hope you have a safe & happy holiday season.
    June M.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo .com

  4. Thanks for the giveaway and please enter me.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

    Wishing you a happy and relaxing Christmas season.

  5. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!! I want my own little Christmas elf, preferably wrapped up with a nice red bow and placed under my Christmas tree, ready to be opened on Christmas morning! Yummmmmm! I’m going to put a little bit of catnip on my crumpled up entry so Gomez will be sure to pick me 🙂

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  6. I love kitty draws! I was picked that way once, where all three jumped for my note! I’m living in Winter Wonderland right now (Iceland) with thigh-high snow (for my size anyway) outside my window. It’s wonderful and Christmasy ^.^

    Erica Pike

    eripike at gmail dot com

  7. The guy on your latest book looks more like a Tiger than a kitten and is more to my liking 🙂
    I’d love to win it and another of your books. And of course the gift certificate.

    kasjopejaUK [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

  8. =D you should put up the picture of the kitty!!!… well christmas stalkings seems like a “heat five” book… cant imagine all those naughty elves to be teached a lesson by santa claus laterrrrr


  9. Thank you for the excellent giveaway. I hope you have a joyous and safe holiday season. I loved the excerpt, would love to read the whole story.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  10. OMG that excerpt was hysterical…… I always wanted hunky housekeepers for Christmas! Thank you for the giveaway!

    emmasmom AT wi DOT rr DOT com

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