Six Sentence Sunday – A sexy little bit from my work in progress

My Six Sentence Sunday contribution for this week is a sexy snippet from a novella I have coming out with Changeling Press in March entitled Protect and Serve: Shifting Focus.  It’s an erotic romance–so be warned. 😉

 * * *

Background info:

Griff Monroe  is a government mercenary working undercover. He’s assigned to a case in San Francisco, California where Sophia Lorello works as a firefighter. To her extreme annoyance, she’s ordered away from her job to pick him up from the airport.

This scene is just as he comes out of the airport and sees her for the first time, deciding she’s the perfect cover for his mission.  So he greets her like a long-lost lover.  Surprise!  

But when you’re going undercover to catch a killer, you never know who might be watching.


My breath catches as he kisses me, his lips firm and warm. The sultry scratch of his beard chafes my face in a way that makes every nerve ending stand up and take notice…twice. Every inch of my body comes alive as he moves closer, his hard to my soft—molding like hot, melted chocolate topping over a frosty bowl of ice cream.

The tip of his tongue teases the separation of mine, asking—not demanding—entrance. A shiver of anticipation slides up my spine, piquing my curiosity and flat-out drenching my panties with cream. I squirm, the aching rush of awareness flushing my good sense to somewhere south of Who-The-Fuck-Cares.


Hope you enjoyed the snippet!


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