Review of The Last Waltz by K. Starling

I had the opportunity to read a lovely sweet romance recently:

The Last Waltz by K. Starling.

At ninety, Rose doesn’t have a lot of days left, but her memories are plentiful. The picture beside her bed depicts one of her fondest remembrances. She and Henry once danced under the stars all night long.

A momentous decision pairs with a lifelong friend and she finds that it is possible to reminisce a memory into being …

Can the being be better than the memory?

Click here to buy the e-book from Red Rose Publishing

I have to say that I absolutely loved this book. I’d meant to buy it when it was first released, and when offered a book by the author as a very kind “thank you” I jumped on it.

Have you ever read a story that is so moving it stays with you long after you’ve finished reading it?

The Last Waltz is that kind of book.

If you’re looking for erotica, sex, or kink, you won’t find it here (but you will in author Kissa Starling’s other selections- Whew!).

This is sweet romance and it packs a wallop.  I can’t tell you much about the story line without giving it away, but when you finish reading something like this, you sigh deeply and just close your laptop because nothing else can compare to the emotional satisfaction you’ve just experienced.

Highly recommended.  ‘Nuff said.


Easter Blog Hop

Happy Easter everyone!

I’m participating in the Hoppy Easter Blog Hop this year, and giving away some goodies to celebrate.  I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and quite a few new releases for you to while away your long Easter weekend with.

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New Release! White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings

Woo Hoo!

I got my Christmas present a day early!
My new White Hot Christmas release: Christmas Stalkings is available now at Changeling Press!
I hope you’ll enjoy my little excerpt as much as I enjoyed writing the book. I have to say, I laughed the entire time I was writing it.  Yes, my family thought I was crazy–but then again, they always do!
~ Cassidy
I’m also doing lots of fun things the next two weeks to celebrate the release, I hope you’ll join me for some holiday cheer and a chance to win some fun prizes! 
Details are on my website:
White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings by Cassidy  McKay
White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings
Cassidy McKay
What’s a Christmas Elf to do when he wants to sex up the North Pole a bit? Make adult toys, of course!

When Henry’s Elven magic goes awry, Santa’s workshop will never be the same.
Henry removed his socks, took a quick sniff and shrugged, then hung them on the windowsill. They looked oddly out of place in an apartment that had little to recommend it for the holiday season.
A siren wailed in the distance, quickly blending into the background noise of the city. Tilting his head, the Elf considered the implications of a siren, then ignored it. It’s not really breaking and entering if I didn’t break anything to enter, right?
He rummaged through several of his pockets to bring out a Christmas tree-shaped air freshener, brushed the lint off, and hung it on the window between the stockings with a little suction cup.
With a twinkle of his eye and a gentle twist to his left nipple ring, a bright purple pulse of magic surrounded the items and then faded away. He squinted, looking closer. It couldn’t have been purple. Christmas magic is supposed to be red and green.
He stood back to stare at his makeshift decorations. For a disbarred Elf, he hadn’t done too badly. At least The Claus hadn’t taken away his magic… yet. The hearing wasn’t until after the New Year, anyway.
His last attempt to bring a little joy into people’s lives rushed back as if it were only yesterday. Then he smiled in wry humor — it was only yesterday! But Holy Pointed Elven Ears, what a day…
* * *
Henry really hadn’t meant to cause a ruckus in the Toy Shoppe. He’d just tried to sex up the place a little bit. Everyone seemed to think Christmas Elves were little green androgynous drones with pointy ears, endlessly building toys for good little boys and girls.
Not Henry. Well, he did have the pointy ears, and he did like to build toys. But he really preferred adult toys. He’d brought some of his new inventions to work to present to Mr. and Mrs. Claus and the Approval Committee. Unfortunately, his magic was rather unpredictable at best — and the toys he invented were made with magic.
Foregoing the simple red and green Christmas magic Elves usually used to make toys, he preferred using the rarer, more dangerous purple magic — the kind adult Elves used in secret. However, his attempts at building toys using either type of magic didn’t always make them work the way they were intended to, no matter how good his intentions.
Yesterday’s incident probably fell into the “Worse than disastrous” category. He’d finally been invited to show the Committee his inventions. He was nervous, but he’d put on a good face, even when minor things started going haywire. Things went from bad to worse faster than a reindeer could land on a rooftop.
First, Santa reached into the sack on the table before the Committee and brought out what looked like a toy statue. The tiny female figure it portrayed was buxom, to say the least. The old man’s eyebrows rose and his glasses slipped down his nose when he noticed her black leather corset, short skirt and thigh-high leather boots. Santa’s brows knit together and he glanced at Henry, ignoring the Elf’s frantic scrambling to grab the statue.
“No Santa, don’t push that button, I haven’t fixed it yet…”
Santa pushed the button on the back of the statue.
In the twinkle of an eye and a whirl of purple sparkling magic, the outfit disappeared from the statue, leaving a fully developed, anatomically correct doll, complete with pierced nipples and neatly shaven pubes.
Henry watched as Santa’s mouth dropped open in shock and the old man’s knit brows whipped into a furious frown. “Henry!”
“Santa, I can explain…”
The loud, shared gasp coming from the Committee cut Henry’s explanation short. Santa turned quicker than a wink to see his formerly demure wife now dressed in the wicked outfit that had just been on the doll.
The black leather gear revealed a savagely curved, white-haired, vintage sex goddess worthy of hours of devoted worship. The lethal-looking whip dangling from her hand only added to the spicy image.
Santa’s tenting pants told Henry he noticed, too. More tents arose from the Committee. Could this be a tentative approval?
Mrs. Claus cautiously moved the whip in her hand, watching it writhe with the slightest touch. A naughty smile curved her lips as she gave the whip a swift crack, landing a satisfying snap near Santa. She raised an eyebrow, looking first at Henry, then the doll, and finally at her husband advancing toward her with a telltale twinkle in his eye.
Henry suddenly remembered the other magic he’d installed with the doll. Attitude Plus. Inhibitions zero. “Uhm, Santa? You might want to reconsider…”
“Shut up, Henry,” Mr. and Mrs. Claus said in tandem, their eyes locked on one another.
Mrs. Claus turned toward the door, her deliciously shaped ass outlined in smooth black leather. She walked away in the fuck-me-heeled boots as if born to lead, striding forward with a swinging gait as the leather skirt danced around the top of her dimpled thighs. She turned the lock on the Committee door with a quiet snick.
ISBN: 978-1-60521-740-6
Formats Available:
HTML, Adobe PDF, EPub
MobiPocket, Microsoft Reader
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Adult Sexual Content
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.
All rights reserved.

Copyright (c)2011 Cassidy McKay


Don’t forget!  Changeling Press is having a White Hot Christmas Contest. You can win free books for a year!

Cassidy McKay 

Visual Seduction – Danielle hasn’t felt free to share her exhibitionism fantasy with her lover…until now!
Christmas Stalkings Coming Dec 16th – When Henry’s elven magic goes awry, Santa’s workshop will never be the same.

A quick excerpt from Variance: The Countdown – Urban Fantasy

The Countdown is available now at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Hot alpha males, evil shapeshifters, strong women, and the fight to save the world. Variance: The Countdown is available now at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

If you enjoy shapeshifters, danger, kick-ass heroines and hot alpha heroes, intrigue and suspense, check out the first book of the Variance series!

**Currently #4 on the Best Seller’s list at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!** 
What do you get when you mix:

A sadistic Sarion shapeshifting prince, determined to steal a woman to breed…


A yummy alpha male hell-bent on saving the one woman destined to be his mate


A kick-ass heroine who takes matters into her own hands…and then cuts it off?

You get the perfect blend of passion, suspense, murder, desire, mystery and mahem! The Countdown has begun. In order to save Wynne from the evil Sarion, Brent must put his own life in danger to save his mate.

But can he convince Wynne that she is his mate? Can he save her from the hoards of shape-shifting monsters who are after her?

The sound of glass breaking jolted Wynne out of a sound sleep. Her heart leapt up into her throat, lodging there until she remembered that breathing sometimes required effort. She listened, trying to figure out where the sound had come from, and heard quiet cursing coming from the bathroom next door to her bedroom. It was Brent.

Wynne opened the door to her bedroom, cringing as the hinges squeaked. Damn, I have to remember to oil those! Tiptoeing down the hallway, the light coming from behind the partially opened bathroom door spilled out like fresh milk from a dropped carton. The cursing coming from inside, however, had obviously spoiled.

“Brent, are you ok?” She asked quietly.

She heard more cursing, as well as something heavy falling against the door slamming it shut.

“Hey, are you ok? Do I need to call someone?”

“No, I’m fine. Do you have any tweezers anywhere?”

“Tweezers? What do you want with tweezers? Are you going to pluck your eyebrows?” She laughed.

“No, I need something to get this glass out of my foot; I can’t get a good hold of it with my fingers.”

“Glass? What did you do? What happened? Open that door and let me in there, I know some first aid, and I can help.” Wynne tried the door, which was unlocked, but blocked by an immovable object.

“Brent, open this door right now! You might be here to fight the bad guys, but this is my house and what goes on inside it is my business!” Wynne yelled at the closed door, willing it telepathically to open. Yet again, the abilities she didn’t have failed. The door remained closed.

“Please?” She tried again.

The door opened slowly, and Wynne gasped at the amount of blood on the floor and counter in the bathroom.

“Sorry about the mess; I’ll clean it up in a bit.”

“Brent, what happened?”

“Your damned cat, that’s what happened!” He complained, pressing a cloth against the bottom of his foot.

“George? What did George have to do with your foot? Don’t tell me he tried to bite it off? I’ve had to talk with him before about eating strange men.”

“He got in my way, yowling at me in the kitchen. I tripped over him, and dropped the glass I was carrying. Some of it ended up in my foot when I tried to keep my balance and not fall on your idiotic cat! Lucky for him, I think I missed him for the most part.”

Wynne’s eyes got huge as she ran out of the bathroom towards the kitchen, calling George’s name and leaving the bleeding man cursing contrary women and their cats.

“HEY! What about me?” He yelled after her.

Wynne came back down the hallway from the kitchen, carrying an indignant George upside down in her arms, crooning to him with baby talk.

“What a poor kitty you are. Did that bad man hurt you? Is my little Georgie-worgie ok? He just doesn’t understand that you like your midnight snack, does he? He comes into your house and tromps all over you. Did you get any glass in your feet, Sweetie? Oh, what a poor kitty.”

“Oh my God, you’ve got to be kidding! Here I am, almost bleeding to death all over your floor because of that damned animal, and you’re worried that he might be hurt?”

“Well, of course. I didn’t know how badly you might have injured him when you tripped on him. Obviously you only care for your own well-being, but George here only has me to count on, and care for him if he gets hurt.”

“Okay, I guess that makes sense, at least on your part. Can you help me get this glass out of my foot now that you’ve assured yourself that George still has a couple of lives left to him? I’ve only got the one, and I’d hate to bleed it out all over your pretty white bathroom floor here.

Wynne watched the blood soaking into the cloth he had placed on his foot, and put George down after petting him one last time. She washed her hands, and retrieved the tweezers from the drawer. She noticed something else, now that she wasn’t occupied with saving her cat’s life.

Brent’s pants were undone. Not just the button at the top of the jeans, but all the way undone, and slipping low on his hips. He was shirtless, and the muscles that his shirt had hinted at before stood out in stark definition under the harsh bathroom light. His chest hair spread across the muscles, and led down his stomach, pointing the way down into his loosened jeans. All the way towards what looked to be a huge surprise.

With a gulp, she redirected her eyes and thoughts, looking for antiseptic and bandages.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital for this, Brent? I know first aid, but if you need stitches, I’m just not the sewing type.”

“No, it’s not that bad, and if I can just get the glass out of it, I think it should be fine. If it needs stitches, we’ll take care of that then.”

Wynne bent down, taking the bloodied cloth off his foot. “Can you bend it up here a little bit so I can see underneath it?”

He lifted his foot, crossing it over his other leg so she could reach the bottom of it. She poured some warm water over it to wash away the blood, catching it in a small basin she set underneath. Looking at the cut, Wynne saw a small slice, with a piece of glass embedded in it. She poured disinfectant into the wound and over the tweezers, and then dug into his foot to grab hold of the glass.

“Stop jumping, will you? How am I supposed to get hold of it if you keep moving?”

“I didn’t ask you to do surgery on me, woman. Especially not without anesthesia! What are you using, anyways? A pry bar?” Brent jumped again as she hit a tender spot.

“Oh, stop being such a baby! Goodness sakes, for such a big, strong man, you don’t have much tolerance for pain, do you?” She glanced up at him, her gaze only going so far as his undone pants. They’d slipped just a little lower while she had been working.

Brent cleared his throat loudly. Her gaze jumped up to his face, and the smirk there mortified her. Oh great, just what I wanted to be caught staring at!

Wynne firmly grasped it and pulled, watching it slide out slowly, the fluids welling up at the tip. It was longer than she thought. And much wider at the base than what it first appeared to be.

“Finally! I thought you’d never get it out of there. It was really starting to hurt” he complained at her tardiness.

“If you hadn’t kept distracting me, I would have pulled it out much sooner.”

Wynne dropped the piece of glass she’d pulled out of his foot and after putting antiseptic on it, she placed a bandage over the top, finishing up her sojourn into the First Aid field for the night. “There you go, you’re as good as new, and it doesn’t look as if you’ll need stitches. Try not to step on any more glass tonight, will you?”

New Release! Sinful Temptations now available

I’d like to tell you about my latest book that just released a few hours ago!  Woo Hoo!  Available in e-book now, and will be available in print in a few months in an anthology from Resplendence Publishing.
Old habits die hard, no matter how much time has passed. Twenty-eight year old real estate receptionist Jennifer Amante calls a phone sex line on a dare from her childhood friend, and encounters “Naughty Nick”, the self-made man who runs Sinful Temptations.

Tempted out of her normal repressive shell, Jenn lets loose, safe in the knowledge she’ll never encounter Naughty Nick. Yet, when the handsome, successful Nicholas Germaine walks into her real estate office looking to buy a house, she redirects her fantasies on the phone to include the man she lusts after but denies herself in person.

As passion tempts them both beyond their previous boundaries, Nick and Jenn must confront the deceit, jealousy, and death that stalks them.

Can they survive their Sinful Temptations?
This contemporary erotic romance is available at Resplendence Publishing right now!

BRIEF EXCERPT:  (*warning, this book is explicit, and available only to adults over 18*)

“Come on, you know you don’t have the guts to do it. I double-dare you.”

Jenn picked up the phone, dialing the number she saw on the screen before she lost her nerve. A dare is a dare, even if we’re not teenagers any more. The ringing on the other end sounded like a death-knell and sweat broke out on her brow. Glancing at Tess, she rolled her eyes at the blonde who had dared her into calling the sex line they’d seen advertised on TV.

“Hello, you have reached Sinful Temptations,” a sexy male voice answered after the third ring.

“It’s an answering machine,” Jenn whispered, covering the mouthpiece. “Should I just hang up?”

“No, no. Do it. Maybe you’ll meet some hunk and finally get laid.” Tess laughed, sticking her tongue out.

“After the tone, please leave your first name, your age, your telephone number and anything in particular that you are looking for, and the man of your dreams will return your call shortly. Please have your credit card ready.”

Jenn waited for the beep, wondering how she could get out of this with her best friend staring her down. Beep. “My name is Jennifer, and I’m twenty-eight years old. I’m not looking for anything in particular, but meeting someone new might be nice. My number is 555-3291.

Tess snatched the cordless out of her hand.

“No!” Jenn grabbed for the phone, but her friend scampered out of reach.

She began imitating Jenn’s voice with uncanny accuracy. “…and it’s been so long for me that I think I’m a born-again virgin. I need someone to pop my cherry and break the dry spell, so please call me.”

Tess hung up and giggled as Jenn ran after her with clenched fists. “There, now that might get you somewhere.” Her friend laughed.

Guest Blogger: Tess MacKall!

If you’re looking for a great book, pick up a copy of His Sweet Obsession. 

Highly romantic. Lost love finally found. Sensual.

Everyone who reads it says they can’t put it down. A truly great read!

Warning: Short Excerpt includes explict sex and graphic language.


Take a look at what reviewers are saying:“This is a beautiful heartfelt story that leaves readers with the feeling that any obstacle can be overcome.” 4.5 Blue Ribbons! Click here to read the entire review.

HSO_Cover-4.jpg picture by jesstaychant

romancejunkiespic.jpg picture by jesstaychant ROMANCE JUNKIES SAYS:


MOONDANCER REVIEWS gives if Five Moons!

“Romance will never die as long as Miss Mackall writes with such passion.” Click Here to read the entire review.


Have you ever loved someone so much you’d wait your entire life for them just to discover love may not be enough? Jack and Addy belong together, but their past haunts them. Will their sweet obsession be enough to sustain them or will it tear them further apart?Coming back to Texas was the last thing on Addy’s mind, but with the death of her Aunt Maggie who raised her, that’s exactly where she finds herself– back under the scorching Texas sun and thanks to Maggie’s last will and testament, tied to the very place she ran from years ago.Jack has lived and worked on the Double Eagle Ranch all his life. It means everything to him- with the exception of Addy. Years ago he hurt her and she left because of it, but now she’s back and he wonders if God has given them a second chance.



Short Excerpt:

Her hips moved in tandem to the smooth glide of his cock. In a sudden movement, he pulled away from her lips. Sweat beaded his brow; a rivulet ran down his cheek. She tunneled her fingers through his hair, driven by her need to taste every part of him and whispered, “Your turn to beg.”

“It won’t take long.” He thrust his tongue inside her mouth, his body tense with hunger. Every muscle tightly coiled, every inch of his flesh ready to surrender to his insatiable need for her.

Rolling with her onto his back, she pushed up and straddled him. The sight of her naked flesh unraveled his control. Tiny spasms chased the surge of blood pumping into his cock and fire crawled through his veins.

She dangled her breasts over his face and dropped one engorged nipple into his mouth. Jack closed his lips around the red bud and sucked greedily, circling her with his arms to bring her closer. With a sexy moan, her eyes heavy-lidded, she withdrew the puckered tip and teased his lips with her other nipple.

His arm swept outward toward her. She leaned back out of reach, tugged the nipple from his mouth, and trailed the sopping wet tips through the thick hair of his chest down to his cock. Mesmerized by the rise and fall of her breasts, he licked his lips, groaning with the delectable pain hammering in his nut sac. He needed to be inside her. Needed to feel her soft walls stretch and tighten around his staff, to feel the warm, wet rush of her climax around his own.

He’d never seen such a beautiful sight—hair the color of new pennies, fire-light scattered in its waves. Her creamy white skin, soft and smooth, her crimson nipples, tight with desire. And those lips—ripe and red—lips he’d spent a lifetime dreaming of kissing. A perfect porcelain doll. There wasn’t a sunset in Texas that could hold a candle to his Addy. Is she mine? Or is this just a dream?

To read the first chapter click here!

To Buy, Click Here!


Sex, Fun and Romance with Author Cassidy McKay

Welcome to my new blog!  While I am new to WordPress, I’m not new to the sex, fun and romance departments of life.  

So let me tell you a little about myself.  I write romances (both sweet and erotic), with seven books published so far (some of these republished a few times due to publishers closing).  I live in Northern California with my husband and four children.  The kids didn’t all get here by finding them under rocks or by storks, so I’ve practiced at least some (okay, most) of what I preach.

I belong to a great group of romance writers, The Midnight Seductions Authors.  We hold contests, chats, group things and just plain fun all the time.  I’ve read many of their books, and if you’re looking for spicy or sweet, I can definitely recommend you check out any of the authors on the MSA list.

I hope to have fun with all of my readers, give you romance tips to help reignite the ‘spice’ in your relationship, tell you about fun ideas and toys, and of course, let you know about romance book news (mine and others!).

I look forward to interacting with everyone.  Here are a few of the other places you can find me on the Internet, stop by and say HEY!