Kindle Fire and Gift Card winners announced!

Wow, what a response to the Midnight Seductions Authors contest for the Kindle Fire. I’m so happy that all of you dropped by.

Now, without further ado, the winner of the MSA Kindle Fire was Suzanne B! She’s already been contacted and is happily awaiting her prize.

The winner my contest for the $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card is Jennifer Mathis!

Thank you for celebrating the 5th birthday of the Midnight Seductions Authors with me, and I hope you’ve all discovered some new authors with exciting books to read.

~ Cassidy


Shifting Heat releases May 31st!

I have to brag a little.  Protect and Serve: Shifting Heat (the third book in my Shifting series) is coming to Changeling Press next week!  May 31st, 2012 to be exact.

This series started with an idea to submit a story for the best-selling Protect and Serve multi-author series, and quickly warped into something more. The characters in the first book were so real for me, they just called out for more story.

Shifting Forces by Cassidy McKayIn Shifting Forces, Aurora Monroe is mistakenly marked as mate for two paranormals: a phoenix and a gryphon shifter. Their fight for survival and the right to love–no matter what your species–pulled my heartstrings directly into more stories involving their children: Griff and Kenna.

Shifting Focus by Cassidy McKayShifting Focus focuses on Special Agent Griff Monroe (a half-gryphon shifter) investigates paranormal crimes for the PAC. When he recruits the beautiful firefighter/EMT Sophia Lorello to help him on a case, he doesn’t know she’s a lioness when she shifts, or that she’ll do anything to keep her paranormal side a secret–even if it kills her.

And now, the third book in the series!

Shifting Heat by Cassidy McKay

Protect and Serve: Shifting Heat

(Book 3 in the Shifting series)

by Cassidy McKay

Available May 31, 2012 at Changeling Press

Buy link:

Special Agent Rob Hunter lives to protect. After all, it’s what unicorn shifters have done since God created virgins. When his best friend asks him to help his little sister recuperate after she’s injured, Rob doesn’t hesitate. He has fond memories of the sweet little tomboy who chased after them when they were kids.

But half-phoenix Kenna Monroe has grown up into a sexy, smart-mouthed vixen with a chip on her shoulder when it comes to relationships. As an ex-cop who now leads a crack team of commandos into pockets of paranormal resistance, she needs a champion even less than she needs her childhood crush reawakening all her old feelings.

So what’s a traditional unicorn to do when the woman he’s falling for isn’t a virgin, doesn’t need protection and is hotter in bed than any sane man can resist?


Excerpt (rated R)

“Damn it!” I rub my shin where I hit it against the coffee table. The furniture is in the same place it’s been for years, so I have no excuse. I lift my hand to tear at the bandages over my eyes, then pause, just like I have a million times already. They’re supposed to stay on at least until tomorrow, and my babysitter is anal about sticking to the rules.

“Kenna, are you okay? I heard you yell.” The steamy scent of clean man rises next to me as Hunter rushes into the living room.

“I’m fine. Will you stop hovering? I thought you were taking a shower.” I’ve been torturing myself with the tempting vision of him in there, in my shower, all naked and wet and soapy… and oh-so-close.

“I was. I thought you needed me.”

He pads back to the bathroom, and my gut twists in knots. I graphically picture one of my plush towels wandering over every inch of his hard, wet, muscled body, sliding over every ridge and into every crevice. With a hard swallow, I listen as the door closes after him, indulging in my fantasy of hot shower sex with him.

Damned overprotective unicorn. He’s been hovering since he got here, and I don’t need the kind of attention he’s been giving me. If he only had a clue of exactly how I needed him — stripped naked and in my bed — he’d run for the hills. Unfortunately, he still thinks of me as Griff’s little sister.

All in all, I suppose it’s better that he thinks of me that way. Hunter isn’t really the type for a one-night stand, and that’s all I can offer. I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with a relationship. Hell, I don’t even know the man any more. But that doesn’t stop me from lusting after him. I’m injured, not dead.

“What do you want for dinner tonight?”

His sexy voice sounds next to me, slides right into my shorts, underneath my panties and swirls between my thighs in delicious torture. I can feel the phoenix part of me stirring, heating up to his voice, just like she always did. Damned fickle beast. Not like my phoenix ever does anything useful, she just makes me emotional and bitchy, and singes my hair when I get mad.


“How about pizza?” I’ve got to keep myself under control. He’ll only be here for a few more days, then I can pray to the vibrator goddess in noisy abandon. The man has ears like a hawk, and no matter how slutty my dreams have been lately, my desperate urge to masturbate is tempered by embarrassment that he might overhear me.

“Pizza sounds good. Pepperoni?”

His voice retreats to the kitchen where I hear a drawer open. I keep the menus for local take-out restaurants near the phone, and we’ve been making good use of my mini-library. I’m afraid I’m not much of a cook even when I can see. “Sure.” Right now I’d agree to anything just to get him out of the room. My sex drive just kicked into high gear. At this rate, he’s in danger of being jumped by a blind woman. Probably not what he expected when he agreed to help out.

Purring his delicious voice into the phone, he calls for pizza delivery like he’s ordering aphrodisiacs instead of Italian food. I debate whether I can make it into my bedroom, pull my vibrator out of the bedside table and reach an orgasm before he hangs up the phone. Yeah, I’m that far gone.

“Thirty minutes or less, Kenna. Delivered hot and spicy right to your door.”

“God, I could really use something hot and spicy right now,” I mumble under my breath. I turn toward my room, determined to ease the ache regardless of the consequences, only to halt as his hand lands on my shoulder.

“What did you say?”

Lust ripples through me as the heat of his hand seeps through the thin cotton of my shirt. All the yearnings of my teenage years come rushing back in half a second. Why couldn’t I have outgrown this like I outgrew so many other unwanted things? Well, I’m damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. “I said I could really use something hot and spicy right now. And since you don’t seem to be interested in satisfying that hunger, I’m going to my bedroom where I can shut the door and give my vibrator an extended workout.”

“Uh, Kenna…”

“Listen, Hunter, I’m a grown woman, and this is my house. I refuse to act like a nun just because you’re here. I’m not one of your government protection details, I’m not your little sister, and I’m sure as hell not a virgin!”

“But, Kenna…”

“Seriously, Rob. We both know I’m not your type. I learned that lesson years ago. So why don’t you get over your old-fashioned unicorn sensibilities and let me go before I do something we’ll both regret?”

His low, amused chuckle drenches my thighs with cream, regardless of my temper. He grabs both my shoulders and turns me slightly to the left, facing away from him. The warmth of his breath on my ear sends shivers all the way down to my toes. “Honey, if you’d let me finish, I was only going to say you were about to run into the wall. Your bedroom’s that way.” He gives me a little push and a slap on the ass, and I swear I almost stumble over my open mouth. “Let me know if you need any help with that vibrator.”


Available May 31, 2012 at Changeling Press

Buy link:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

It’s Christmas Eve here in Washington. We were hoping for a white Christmas our first year here, but it looks like it’s going to be a rainy one instead.

We’ve had our gingerbread cookies already (okay, the kids and my husband did–I can’t stand the stuff!).  Applesauce muffins are baking in the oven and the most delicious smells are wafting throughout the house.  We’ll decorate the tree tonight (after making sure the house is clean for Santa), snuggle up on the couch to watch some Christmas movies with popcorn and apple cider.

This is our first year in a new state, in a new home, and I am looking forward to celebrating both old traditions and making some new ones.

I would like to thank all of my readers, publishers, friends and family for making this a wonderful year! Without all of you, it would be a very lonely life indeed.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it, and Happy Holidays to include all of the other celebrations, traditions and dates of the year!  I hope the rest of this year and all the next are filled with huge packages of love, respect, romance, and tons of good books to read!

~Cassidy McKay

Six Sentence Sunday – Nov. 20, 2011

Here’s my post for this week’s Six Sentence Sunday, from my work in progress:


I have nothing to offer her, no way to win against the horde of rogues racing to their deaths, and the subsequent branch of para’s chasing the humans. I hate to fight.

Against my will, I feel the fiery burn as my clothes drop away. The rush of adrenaline flows through me—scintillating, arousing, powerful. My bones shift, transforming arms into wings, flesh into fire, and common sense into passionate fury. Lifting into the sky with a rush, one thought consumes me:



You can follow the official Six Sentence Sunday list at or on Twitter with the hashtag #sixsunday.

A Walk on the Wild Side!

I’ve done it!

I finally followed a friend’s advice and tried writing something different.  I have always written romances, and they will always be my main focus. But my friend suggested I write a short story for a new publisher, and I decided to throw my hat in and add a new branch to my romance tree: erotica.  The publisher was looking for ‘on the edge’ sexual stories, as wicked, raunchy, deviant, borderline-legal as you could write, and hot enough to burn up the pages.

Now if that isn’t a challenge, I don’t know what is.  I challenged myself a few years ago to write a sweet romance (ie: NO sex) that my then-underage niece could read, as she was always so supportive of my writing.  I loved writing September’s Gold (under my sweet pseudonym Ashlyn Barré).

So I let my imagination walk on the wild side, and a naughty little story came out of the trip.  I held my breath and pushed the SEND button, then distracted myself as best I could.  Much to my surprise, my story was quickly accepted by the new publisher!

Visual Seduction, a short erotica story by Cassidy McKay

Visual Seduction, a short erotica story by Cassidy McKay

So there you have it!  Visual Seduction will be coming out soon with Razor’s Edge Press!

Here’s a quick blurb:

Chris has always careful around Danielle, even during sex. She’s afraid he’ll leave if she tells him how much the thought of someone spying on her during sex turns her on. But when Chris catches her masturbating in her bathroom window–in full view of the people on the street below — he loses every bit of his legendary control, introducing Dani to the dark desires he’s been holding back.

Content warning: Rough sexual play, anal sex, exhibitionism

No, I won’t stop writing romances. In fact, I have to admit that I did sneak some romance into Visual Seduction.  After all, I’m a romance writer.  This story just took all those naughty little things hiding somewhere in the back of my imagination and brought them into the light.

I hope you enjoy it when it comes out, I’ll definitely let you know when the book is released, so you can join me in my walk on the wild side.


If you had only seconds to live…what would your last words be?

I write romance. I admit that I’ve been lifelong romance-junkie. I love the long, seductive glances, the tentative touches, and the tingle just from being with that one special person. The lazy days lounging under a leafy tree on a blanket, those wonderful nights of loving… who could resist spending all that time falling in love, being in love, or rediscovering love?

But a few days ago, I saw something on the news that made me think about those deliciously decadent days a little differently.

Passengers on an airplane mid-flight were startled when a loud explosion sounded above their heads. A large hole had been blown in the side of the airplane just behind the cargo bins, and they could see the sky through it. Oxygen masks dropped and the plane set immediately into a deep dive. Many of the passengers assumed they had only moments to live before the plane went down.

One man on board texted his wife from his phone, saying something like: “Plane going down. Love you.”

As the wife of a man who travels for business occasionally, just the thought of receiving a text like that sends chills down my spine. Then I thought of what I would say in those few moments if I had the chance.

What would you say if you could only send on short text to someone in your last moments? Would it be something loving? A bit of twisted revenge against an enemy? Something romantic and memorable? Something funny for them to remember your humor?

I would like to say I’d think of something so profoundly moving, humorous and memorable that I’d be memorialized in stories of love forever. But in those precious few seconds of panic, how many of us could realistically come up with something even semi-coherent, let alone something that would inspire those we’d left behind?

I’m afraid mine would probably be something more mundane, like: “Don’t forget to feed the kids.”

‘Twas the night before the night before

December 23rd, a most under appreciated day. Few people say they can’t wait until December 23rd (unless it’s your birthday, anniversary, or some such event).  Children are looking forward to Christmas Eve and Santa flying overhead. Parents are usually busy doing last-minute shopping or wrapping, or getting ready for the big day. But do they care what day it is, other than it’s NOT Christmas Eve or Christmas?  Probably not.

In our house, we are as busy as everyone else who celebrates this holiday. We usually spend it chasing cats from the Christmas tree, last-minute shopping for spoilables we couldn’t buy in advance, wrapping presents, cooking, and enjoying the crisp winter air.  Dinner is usually something quick, as we plan to spend the next day cooking (and sampling) annual Christmas favorites.  One of those is my hubby’s famous Pumpkin Dessert.  Man, oh, man, it’s definitely something we wait allllllll year for.  It’s so good that  I ask for it every year for my birthday INSTEAD of cake.  Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t, depending on if I’ve been a good girl or a bad girl (bad girl usually gets whatever she wants!).  It’s delish!  But he won’t let me share the recipe with anyone.   (sorry)

Christmas songs are sung with gusto on Christmas Eve day, along with impromptu dances and jigs, and maybe a jump or three in there (usually by the kids) to add flavor to the mix.  Presents from one to another are wrapped carefully, usually with an excess of tape and covered in bows.  The kids each get to open one present on Christmas Eve, which only whets their appetite for the morning.  Yet lo and behold, every year, Santa’s sleigh flies directly over our house on his way to the other side of the US before he crosses back, and most years, his sleigh has a minor malfunction, and bells fall off into the yard.  The kids wait tensely all night long for even the slightest tinkling of bells, hoping he’ll fly overhead again this year.  It’s been a family tradition since the kids could crawl, and I hope it continues for grandkids and great grandkids and on into the future.  What a legacy.

The kids are sent to bed early, but we can usually hear them up until the early morning hours, whispering and giggling, then tossing and turning.  The doors are closed, but they keep hoping to catch Santa in the act of scarfing cooking and gulping down the milk before he whisks away up the chimney.  Precious hours and precious years we have spent honing the Christmas Eve technique, tweaked every year for unexpected surprises.

Christmas morning starts early (of course), with excited kids tearing up wrapping paper in frenzied joy, adults snapping pictures, and grins all around as Christmas music blasts in the background.  Papers are cleaned up soon after and new toys played with, each given a separate time to be in the spotlight by the children.  Christmas cooking starts just after the paper is done, and Mom takes over the kitchen, whisking, stirring and baking until friends and family show up that evening for a table full of food, a house full of friendship, and arms full of love.

So that’s my Christmas in a nutshell.  What’s yours, if you celebrate?  If you don’t, what do you do instead?  Would love to hear from you and maybe find some new traditions and favorite things to add to ours, or maybe ours will join with yours.

Happy Holidays!

~ Cassidy

Super Bowl or Super Bore?

Today is Super Bowl Sunday here in the U.S.

Rabid fans everywhere are gearing up for the Big Game, parties are being planned, food is cooking, people are gathering together and in many places, those who don’t ‘do football’ are hoping to find a quiet hole to hide in until the insanity is over.
Me, I’m a tomboy. I always have been, always will be. I was raised by my dad with four older brothers. But guess what? I don’t ‘do football’ at all. We never watched it growing up, my brothers didn’t play it, and Super Bowl was never on the menu.
My first husband never watched it. My current husband doesn’t watch it. I’ll never be a ‘football widow’ during the season. Now, I have to admit, my eldest son will watch it once in awhile, but it’s not a big priority.
Am I completely against football? Nope. I like a big, hot man with a tight end, too! I enjoyed watching football in person at my high school games way back in the day. It was exciting, I loved cheering on my school’s team and the energy was amazing. I think I did more people watching than football watching, though.
So–whether you are planning a big party today or just hanging out, enjoy yourself! And don’t forget to make your significant other feel special, too. Love and romance aren’t just for Valentine’s Day.
Speaking of which, remember to join my fellow Midnight Seductions  for our all day chat bash at the Midnight Seductions Author’s group on February 13th. Prizes will be given away every hour from 10am – 10pm along with excerpts, recipes, jokes Q&A and more. I’ll choose a commenter from one of my blog posts and give away a special prize at the chat!
See you there!

When the love of your life and the fate of humanity hang in the balance…. who do you call?

The Variance Team!

They are a specially trained team of men and women with unique abilities enabling them to fight the evil Sarion shapeshifters who come from a parallel world. The Sarions’ only purpose here is to find women of certain blood lines to breed… and then kill.

The Countdown has begun.

When Brent and his team are called in to save a small town police dispatcher, he finds much more than he bargained for in the feisty blonde: she is his destined mate. But she doesn’t have to like it.

In order to save Wynne from the Sarion, Brent must put his own life in danger, along with those of his teammates and everyone surrounding them before the Sarion breed again and take over the world.

Can he save her from the hoards of shape-shifting monsters that are after her? Or will she take matters into her own hands?




You get the perfect blend of passion, suspense, murder, desire, mystery and mayhem!

My erotic urban fantasy Variance: The Countdown (Book One of the Variance Series) is available NOW at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!

Buy it here:
It’s 10% off right now, so get it while it’s hot!

Available now at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Available now at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid