The world didn’t end… so what now?

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Image courtesy of Idea go at


My children and I had fun yesterday, planning an “End of the World” party. The plans included popcorn, disaster movies and staying up late.

As the evening ticked on, they decided they didn’t want to watch disaster movies and we nixed the popcorn.  The family consensus was to watch a rerun of Doctor Who. After all, the world couldn’t end if The Doctor was still fighting for us, right?

One by one, the kids wandered off to bed, secure in the knowledge that Santa would stop by our house on Christmas Eve and tomorrow was right on schedule.

So what now?  Wide awake on the eve of Armageddon and the kids fast asleep…  that familiar pesky question popped up:  “What if?”

Changeling Press authors and readers are tempted every week with a “Flash Fiction Challenge.”  A theme is announced, 100-150 words. This week is Armageddon. What or who would you do if the world was ending?

What would I do? How would I want to spend my last few minutes?



You Matter

We stood still, looking at the brilliant streaks of light shooting through the sky. At any other time it would be a novelty. Tonight, it foreshadowed the end of the world. Catastrophic collision, meteors, it all ran together in a confusion of doom.

“Tony, I can’t just stand here waiting for the end. Take me home.”

He took my hand and led me back to our house. The white picket fence we’d so painstakingly put up last spring surrounded us with a false sense of serenity as we passed through the gate.

“Wait! What…?”  His low chuckle rumbled against my ear as he swept me off my feet and carried me over the threshold.  “Didn’t we already do this once?”

“It’s never too late to have a second honeymoon.”

“Did you forget the end of the world stuff?”

“Honey, you *are* my world. When I’m with you, nothing else matters.”



It’s been an interesting year with many challenges, tragedies, rewards and discoveries.  Just remember that YOU matter.

The fact that you exist and participate in this wild, wacky world of ours is a miracle that only you can perform.  So whether the world ends tomorrow or pulses on for a millennium more, you matter more than you’ll ever know.  Thank you for being a part of my world, and I hope in some small way that I’ve been a part of yours.

~ Cassidy McKay



How do you celebrate birthdays? The MSA Authors are giving away a Kindle Fire!

Happy Birthday to the Midnight Seductions Authors!

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Just like at Bilbo Baggins’ birthday party in The Hobbit, our guests and readers get all the fun and gifts at our birthday blast.  Ours lasts three days–November 16th – 19th, 2012.

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Have fun and good luck!

~Cassidy McKay

New Release! So Passes the Night (erotic paranormal romance)

So Passes the Night by Cassidy McKayJust a quick note–my short story So Passes the Night is now available at Changeling Press!

One wild night, two sexy seamen, and a voluptuous woman — three broken souls seeking completion.

It’s a short HOT erotic paranormal/historical romance (M/F/M menage), available for only $2.99.  I hope you’ll check it out and let me know how you like it!

Book Summary

First Mate Cade Talbot disobeyed a direct order, sacrificing himself to save his best friend. Since then, Captain Grant Rowen rules his ship with an iron fist, demanding strict compliance from all aboard.

Coffers are low, and when a lone woman requests passage to St. Thomas, Captain Rowen accepts her payment. But the stormy sea crossing holds more than just nature’s surprises.

Aurora Journade reveals that she not only speaks to spirits, she makes love to them –and she doesn’t follow orders. With Aurora’s help, Cade has one last chance to reach out to his captain. Not even death can keep them from seeking passion’s redemption.

Review of The Last Waltz by K. Starling

I had the opportunity to read a lovely sweet romance recently:

The Last Waltz by K. Starling.

At ninety, Rose doesn’t have a lot of days left, but her memories are plentiful. The picture beside her bed depicts one of her fondest remembrances. She and Henry once danced under the stars all night long.

A momentous decision pairs with a lifelong friend and she finds that it is possible to reminisce a memory into being …

Can the being be better than the memory?

Click here to buy the e-book from Red Rose Publishing

I have to say that I absolutely loved this book. I’d meant to buy it when it was first released, and when offered a book by the author as a very kind “thank you” I jumped on it.

Have you ever read a story that is so moving it stays with you long after you’ve finished reading it?

The Last Waltz is that kind of book.

If you’re looking for erotica, sex, or kink, you won’t find it here (but you will in author Kissa Starling’s other selections- Whew!).

This is sweet romance and it packs a wallop.  I can’t tell you much about the story line without giving it away, but when you finish reading something like this, you sigh deeply and just close your laptop because nothing else can compare to the emotional satisfaction you’ve just experienced.

Highly recommended.  ‘Nuff said.

Six Sentence Sunday post for December 4, 2012

A Candle in the Window by Cassidy McKay available now at Cobblestone Press.

A Candle in the Window by Cassidy McKay available now at Cobblestone Press.

Here’s my entry for this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. It’s from my erotic Christmas paranormal A Candle in the Window available at Cobblestone Press.

Set up:  Shelby has traveled to her recently deceased grandmother’s home to pack up her things before selling it. They have been estranged for years, and Shelby finds a letter from her grandmother that hints at the paranormal side of her family…

This cabin has been left to you, my darling Granddaughter.  You may do with it as you wish, however, please consider staying here and making this your home.  Our family has roots here, far back in time, and we are connected to the canyon behind this cabin.  The wind whispers to us.  Those who choose to hear are blessed, although many may fear the unknown.  If you choose to hear the winds, Shelby, heed their words, for they carry warnings as well as good tidings.


It’s WHAT?!!

It’s a beautiful day up here in Washington.  The sun is shining, mist rising over the forests, frost on the ground and the crisp chilly air of December bites playfully at my cheeks in the morning.

What’s that you say? December already? Why yes, that’s what the little doohickey in the corner of my computer says.  Someone on Facebook mentioned it was Friday, too.  Yes, I had to look at my faithful little doohickey in the corner again.  Friday. I think it’s lying to me. I could have sworn it was only Wednesday, and no later than September.  Where did the time go?

I’ll admit that I lose time regularly. As a voracious reader, I travel to all sorts of places in books–different times, different locations, even different worlds. I’ll easily lose days in books, I’ve done it since I was a young girl.

But months?  Wow.  Maybe I should look into the alien abduction thing.  Oh wait–I think I know where those months went.  At least parts of them.

  • October I spent some of that time playing with a naughty elf who was trying to sex up Santa’s Toy Shoppe.  Poor Santa and Mrs. Claus will never be the same.
  • November I spent lost in NaNoWriMo, playing in a post-apocalyptic Earth with shifters and paranormals, and writing the first of a series of three books, and partials on the other two in that series.

Now it’s December.  Since September, I’ve set up several chats, some upcoming blog hop tours (more on that later), did a few guest blogs, wrote two books, four partials, and fought off plot bunnies in their devious attempts to derail me (unsuccessfully fought off, I might add). I’ve also received two contracts on two of those books from Changeling Press!  Woo Hoo!  Here they are:

 White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings releases December 17th, 2011.  If you’re looking for a *very* crazy time and want to have some naughty laughs this Christmas, you might enjoy it.

Protect and Serve: Shifting Forces is tentatively scheduled for sometime in February, 2012.

So I guess there’s a reasonable explanation to the missing month phenomenon after all–at least this time.  But I still think the computer is lying to me–how can it be Friday already?

Where does YOUR missing time go?