Anticipation is Sexy!

Romantic Candles leading to a rendevous

Romantic Candles leading to a rendevous

Imagine getting a text message or a phone message in the middle of a busy day at work…

“Romance awaits… follow the trail when you get home.”

Hmm.  Interesting.  Wonder what he’s got up his sleeve this time? 

Work is busy.  Too busy to contemplate much on the message until break time.  Then the brain starts working overtime.  What does he mean, romance awaits?  Did he buy me a romance novel?  Is he feeling a little randy and waiting in the bedroom with a trail of clothes leading the way?  Did he draw me a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles?

After a long day at work and the anticipation of a romantic surprise, home is finally in sight.  A small note on the door directs me to follow the candles.  Opening the door, all is dark, except for a small pool of light surrounding a candle.  Next to the candle is a rolled scroll of parchment wrapped in a deep red ribbon.  Upon opening it, a poem of love and romance.  Beautiful.

Looking around, the next candle beckons further into the house, flickering gently.  Next to this, another rolled scroll again wrapped with a ribbon.  Inside, another lovely poem of longing and beauty. 

Another candle in sight pulls me into the living room.  Another scroll.  Another poem.  I believe there were some roses in there somewhere, too…

All eventually leading into the master bedroom where a candle lights a small area on a tall dresser.  Next to this, a small white teddy bear holding a red heart pillow.  On top of the pillow…  an engagement ring!

Valentine’s Day was never so romantic or beautifully thought out, and the anticipation of romance fulfilled so well.  So start thinking of what you can do this upcoming Valentine’s Day.  Plan ahead.  It doesn’t need to cost a thing.   Romance your lover with anticipation…and let your imagination soar.

And my answer to this wonderfully inventive and romantic proposal from the lovely poet?  A resounding YES!