The world didn’t end… so what now?

Image courtesy of Idea go at

Image courtesy of Idea go at


My children and I had fun yesterday, planning an “End of the World” party. The plans included popcorn, disaster movies and staying up late.

As the evening ticked on, they decided they didn’t want to watch disaster movies and we nixed the popcorn.  The family consensus was to watch a rerun of Doctor Who. After all, the world couldn’t end if The Doctor was still fighting for us, right?

One by one, the kids wandered off to bed, secure in the knowledge that Santa would stop by our house on Christmas Eve and tomorrow was right on schedule.

So what now?  Wide awake on the eve of Armageddon and the kids fast asleep…  that familiar pesky question popped up:  “What if?”

Changeling Press authors and readers are tempted every week with a “Flash Fiction Challenge.”  A theme is announced, 100-150 words. This week is Armageddon. What or who would you do if the world was ending?

What would I do? How would I want to spend my last few minutes?



You Matter

We stood still, looking at the brilliant streaks of light shooting through the sky. At any other time it would be a novelty. Tonight, it foreshadowed the end of the world. Catastrophic collision, meteors, it all ran together in a confusion of doom.

“Tony, I can’t just stand here waiting for the end. Take me home.”

He took my hand and led me back to our house. The white picket fence we’d so painstakingly put up last spring surrounded us with a false sense of serenity as we passed through the gate.

“Wait! What…?”  His low chuckle rumbled against my ear as he swept me off my feet and carried me over the threshold.  “Didn’t we already do this once?”

“It’s never too late to have a second honeymoon.”

“Did you forget the end of the world stuff?”

“Honey, you *are* my world. When I’m with you, nothing else matters.”



It’s been an interesting year with many challenges, tragedies, rewards and discoveries.  Just remember that YOU matter.

The fact that you exist and participate in this wild, wacky world of ours is a miracle that only you can perform.  So whether the world ends tomorrow or pulses on for a millennium more, you matter more than you’ll ever know.  Thank you for being a part of my world, and I hope in some small way that I’ve been a part of yours.

~ Cassidy McKay



Romantic Games… anyone want to play?

Sexy and romantic games in the bedroom can add spice to your life!

Sexy and romantic games in the bedroom can add spice to your life!

Bringing sexy or romantic games into the bedroom… is it worth it?  While it is always up to the individual couple to decide, some of these games can spark up the old romance when things get a little stale, or help you break the ice in a new sexual relationship.

Imagine an upcoming Valentine’s Day…

A romantic meal, candlelight, soft music, lingerie, maybe some champagne or wine, and a brightly wrapped present sitting conspicuously on a table.  Your sweetie opens the present to find a special sexy game that you’ve picked out for the two of you.

Intrigued, he or she opens it up, and the fun begins…

Many of these games direct you to do specific sexual or romantic things (which can always be substituted, if it is sm550603_14518034something you’re not interested in or willing to try).  Some have you write down your fantasies before the game, introducing your own wishes and quirks into your romantic play.  This may be a fun way to introduce something to your partner that you’ve always wanted to try, but didn’t quite know how to bring the subject up.

Whichever game you may decide to try, make sure that it is something that won’t make you or your partner *too* uncomfortable (a little discomfort might heighten the anticipation). 

Where can you find adult games like these?  You can usually find them in lingerie shops or adult stores and the like, but many people find it difficult to walk into these.

The Internet has many places to purchase adult games discreetly.  I’ve listed a few sites below for you to check out that stock adult games (be aware, some of these are VERY adult games… while some are just fun, sexy and romantic games). (has reviews of some games)

There are many many many more sites out there, just do a search for what interests you!

Enjoy yourself and plan a sexy Valentine’s Day!