The world didn’t end… so what now?

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My children and I had fun yesterday, planning an “End of the World” party. The plans included popcorn, disaster movies and staying up late.

As the evening ticked on, they decided they didn’t want to watch disaster movies and we nixed the popcorn.  The family consensus was to watch a rerun of Doctor Who. After all, the world couldn’t end if The Doctor was still fighting for us, right?

One by one, the kids wandered off to bed, secure in the knowledge that Santa would stop by our house on Christmas Eve and tomorrow was right on schedule.

So what now?  Wide awake on the eve of Armageddon and the kids fast asleep…  that familiar pesky question popped up:  “What if?”

Changeling Press authors and readers are tempted every week with a “Flash Fiction Challenge.”  A theme is announced, 100-150 words. This week is Armageddon. What or who would you do if the world was ending?

What would I do? How would I want to spend my last few minutes?



You Matter

We stood still, looking at the brilliant streaks of light shooting through the sky. At any other time it would be a novelty. Tonight, it foreshadowed the end of the world. Catastrophic collision, meteors, it all ran together in a confusion of doom.

“Tony, I can’t just stand here waiting for the end. Take me home.”

He took my hand and led me back to our house. The white picket fence we’d so painstakingly put up last spring surrounded us with a false sense of serenity as we passed through the gate.

“Wait! What…?”  His low chuckle rumbled against my ear as he swept me off my feet and carried me over the threshold.  “Didn’t we already do this once?”

“It’s never too late to have a second honeymoon.”

“Did you forget the end of the world stuff?”

“Honey, you *are* my world. When I’m with you, nothing else matters.”



It’s been an interesting year with many challenges, tragedies, rewards and discoveries.  Just remember that YOU matter.

The fact that you exist and participate in this wild, wacky world of ours is a miracle that only you can perform.  So whether the world ends tomorrow or pulses on for a millennium more, you matter more than you’ll ever know.  Thank you for being a part of my world, and I hope in some small way that I’ve been a part of yours.

~ Cassidy McKay



It’s WHAT?!!

It’s a beautiful day up here in Washington.  The sun is shining, mist rising over the forests, frost on the ground and the crisp chilly air of December bites playfully at my cheeks in the morning.

What’s that you say? December already? Why yes, that’s what the little doohickey in the corner of my computer says.  Someone on Facebook mentioned it was Friday, too.  Yes, I had to look at my faithful little doohickey in the corner again.  Friday. I think it’s lying to me. I could have sworn it was only Wednesday, and no later than September.  Where did the time go?

I’ll admit that I lose time regularly. As a voracious reader, I travel to all sorts of places in books–different times, different locations, even different worlds. I’ll easily lose days in books, I’ve done it since I was a young girl.

But months?  Wow.  Maybe I should look into the alien abduction thing.  Oh wait–I think I know where those months went.  At least parts of them.

  • October I spent some of that time playing with a naughty elf who was trying to sex up Santa’s Toy Shoppe.  Poor Santa and Mrs. Claus will never be the same.
  • November I spent lost in NaNoWriMo, playing in a post-apocalyptic Earth with shifters and paranormals, and writing the first of a series of three books, and partials on the other two in that series.

Now it’s December.  Since September, I’ve set up several chats, some upcoming blog hop tours (more on that later), did a few guest blogs, wrote two books, four partials, and fought off plot bunnies in their devious attempts to derail me (unsuccessfully fought off, I might add). I’ve also received two contracts on two of those books from Changeling Press!  Woo Hoo!  Here they are:

 White Hot Christmas: Christmas Stalkings releases December 17th, 2011.  If you’re looking for a *very* crazy time and want to have some naughty laughs this Christmas, you might enjoy it.

Protect and Serve: Shifting Forces is tentatively scheduled for sometime in February, 2012.

So I guess there’s a reasonable explanation to the missing month phenomenon after all–at least this time.  But I still think the computer is lying to me–how can it be Friday already?

Where does YOUR missing time go?

Six Sentence Sunday – Nov. 20, 2011

Here’s my post for this week’s Six Sentence Sunday, from my work in progress:


I have nothing to offer her, no way to win against the horde of rogues racing to their deaths, and the subsequent branch of para’s chasing the humans. I hate to fight.

Against my will, I feel the fiery burn as my clothes drop away. The rush of adrenaline flows through me—scintillating, arousing, powerful. My bones shift, transforming arms into wings, flesh into fire, and common sense into passionate fury. Lifting into the sky with a rush, one thought consumes me:



You can follow the official Six Sentence Sunday list at or on Twitter with the hashtag #sixsunday.

November is National Novel Writing Month — Are you in?

November is a crazy month for many writers. We sit down at our computers, our word processors, or whip out pen and paper and write our hearts out.

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is where we gather for support, commiseration, encouragement and to get our butts kicked when we need it.  The object of NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.  Some write more, some write less. Some even go on to get their novels published from the event.  But the point is to just sit down and DO IT!

I know many of you out there probably have a story or three whispering sweet nothings in your ear, begging to be put into a readable format.  If you’ve ever been tempted to indulge, or have thought to yourself: “I can write better than that!” then put your thoughts into action and join us in the insanity!

The website offers local (and long-distance if you are so inclined) support, friends, encouragement and local gatherings (write-ins) where people gather together to write.  I have to say, it’s lots of fun and the challenge is a kick in the butt if you need one to get started.

You can add writing buddies on the site. If someone you know is doing NaNoWriMo, just search for their name (or nickname) in the search bar, and ‘add as buddy’ on their profile. I’m there as cassidymckay. My project for NaNo this year is an erotic romance novel (such a surprise, isn’t it?).

I hope you’ll join me in the fun and write a novel in a month, too.  November has already started. Have you?

The official NaNoWriMo website is:

Forward Motion – A guest blog by Jacqui Jacoby

“Try starting on the second paragraph …” ~Lucien Carr

Forward motion makes the world go round in a very real, astronomical way. All that gravity and stuff … spinning planets, etc. It’s not something we really think of as we sit down to our computer to open our Facebook, check Twitters, open the day planner and then, finally, open that file we either love or hate, depending on the day of the week.

Forward motion creates and maintains a writer’s career, it writes the books in that file. It moves us in the right direction every time we start to type. 

If you are a writer, just starting out, that new cursor blinking at you, waiting for you to type the first words can be scary. You have that whole novel in front of you and do not know what to expect.

If you are close to finishing your first story, then you have entered it in a few contests. You are awaiting the results, hoping for the agent or editor to say you did this right.

If you have finished that first book, won that contest, the book is now polished, ready to be submitted for representation.

Once you get representation, you wait for that first contract.

You get that first contract and then you wait for the second.

Then the five book deal …

… it does not matter how many steps you take in your writing; there are more to go. If you attend a conference and you go to the luncheon, there will be someone sitting to your right at the table who is four steps behind you, looking to you for support and encouragement. They will think wherever you are is where they wish they could be. To your left is a person four steps ahead. You will want to ask them questions about their journey.

Because all of us have a journey. All of us have a place to go as well as a place we have been. The secret to surviving and thriving is learning to juggle the two with equality. I learned from some of the best: Dean Koontz, Suzanne Brockmann Nora Roberts. There is a talent to “arriving” in our job, to selling that book, that article, that — whatever. You will be excited, but you have to, as they did, keep a level of humility that makes it possible to turn to that person four steps behind and ask “what can I do for you?”

You have paid your dues, now is time to teach some of what you know to the next generation coming up behind.

I got an e-mail just this week telling me I was famous.

I, of course, had to print this out and save it just so I could jokingly show my kids and prove to them that yes, I really do things at the computer besides update my blog and look at YouTube clips, that there is more in the package than “Mere Mom.”

But the e-mail made me pause. Made me wonder. Why? Why would someone say that? It was flattering, of course, and I don’t report it just so everyone realizes it happened. I say it because … don’t all of us that deserve that e-mail? Haven’t all of us done something to deserve that message?

Fame has never been a big deal with me. Either obtaining it or sitting across from it or sending it a letter. Whether a person is just starting out or already, arrived my tone of voice, my familiarity with the person I am speaking to, it will always be the same. I can blame it on Clive Cussler in one of the lessons he taught me when I sat with him in a bookstore, just the two of us: you have to keep looking back, remembering that you were once at the beginning, too. Remembering that is the only way you will ever move forward with class. His candor, his friendliness, that he may have given to me? I hope I have what he has and I can pass it on, too.

Sitting down to write a book it has got to be one of the most dedicated, mind numbing professions on the planet. We are creating real worlds with real people who otherwise would never be heard and that is an amazing feat.
But every step we take in our career, from that first blinking cursor to the day we hit send on the copy we are submitting, to a book on a shelf, it is all about forward motion. Every day we type – forward motion. Everything we do in this job, in our lives, each and every day – forward motion.

The trick, the balancing act, is to continue that forward motion on a daily basis, while looking over our shoulders at our past and remembering that even the people behind us, they are on the forward motion journey, too, and we can reach back and lend them a hand, making our forward even more amazing. Enjoy the trip because the experience is as good as the reward.

Dedicated to Lucien Carr (1925 – 2005), my hero this week. 🙂


An award-winning writer and a ten-year veteran of martial arts, Jacqui Jacoby’s career is multi- faceted. With her trusted computerized day planner, Miguel, by her side, she is able to work in many aspects of the writing community: as an author and contributor to the Kiss of Death as well as RWR Magazine; as a chapter volunteer and contest judge, and as a workshop presenter, both live and online.


Where can you find Jacqui?



A Walk on the Wild Side!

I’ve done it!

I finally followed a friend’s advice and tried writing something different.  I have always written romances, and they will always be my main focus. But my friend suggested I write a short story for a new publisher, and I decided to throw my hat in and add a new branch to my romance tree: erotica.  The publisher was looking for ‘on the edge’ sexual stories, as wicked, raunchy, deviant, borderline-legal as you could write, and hot enough to burn up the pages.

Now if that isn’t a challenge, I don’t know what is.  I challenged myself a few years ago to write a sweet romance (ie: NO sex) that my then-underage niece could read, as she was always so supportive of my writing.  I loved writing September’s Gold (under my sweet pseudonym Ashlyn Barré).

So I let my imagination walk on the wild side, and a naughty little story came out of the trip.  I held my breath and pushed the SEND button, then distracted myself as best I could.  Much to my surprise, my story was quickly accepted by the new publisher!

Visual Seduction, a short erotica story by Cassidy McKay

Visual Seduction, a short erotica story by Cassidy McKay

So there you have it!  Visual Seduction will be coming out soon with Razor’s Edge Press!

Here’s a quick blurb:

Chris has always careful around Danielle, even during sex. She’s afraid he’ll leave if she tells him how much the thought of someone spying on her during sex turns her on. But when Chris catches her masturbating in her bathroom window–in full view of the people on the street below — he loses every bit of his legendary control, introducing Dani to the dark desires he’s been holding back.

Content warning: Rough sexual play, anal sex, exhibitionism

No, I won’t stop writing romances. In fact, I have to admit that I did sneak some romance into Visual Seduction.  After all, I’m a romance writer.  This story just took all those naughty little things hiding somewhere in the back of my imagination and brought them into the light.

I hope you enjoy it when it comes out, I’ll definitely let you know when the book is released, so you can join me in my walk on the wild side.


Just A Little White Lie

I’ve been tagged by romance author Cassandra Gold to play in the Little White Lies game!  Now, I never quite play by the rules, so I’m going to do it backwards.  The way it works it this:

I’m going to post six statements about me below.  Only one of them is NOT true.  Find my little white lie!

1.  I love onions.

2.  I am a student.

3.  I am an ordained minister.

4.  I broke someone’s nose once.

5.  I have flown in a police helicopter.

6.  I have a garden gnome in my front room.

OK, now all you have to do is spot the ‘little white lie’ above, and e-mail me with a guess as to which one it is (please include the statement, not just a number).  The winner will be chose a on March 14th, 2010, for a surprise gift. 

Now I will tag another person to play along!  Author H.E. Curtis, will you please stand up?

Please visit Mr. Curtis’ blog and see what he has to say!

Writing Rituals – Do you have any?

A post on a blog from another writer about writing rituals got me to thinking over the things that I do to get ready to write ultra-sexy romances.  Are they rituals?  I don’t know, but it seems I do them most of the time that I write.  Here goes:

Me, I just sit my butt down and write.  No rituals that I know of.

Oh wait–I guess I do have some rituals for writing.

I sit down with the laptop, with my notes next to me, full of inspiration and the story running through my head.

Get up, take whatever the kids are fighting over away and put it where they can’t reach it.

Sit down, then get up and put a bandaid on whatever is now bleeding over the next thing the kids are fighting over.

Knock the puppy’s water over, find a towel and sop up the mess, put the towel in the laundry, then find a paper towel to clean up where the puppy didn’t make it out the door on time because I was in the laundry room.

Sit down, get up, get the kids some drinks/snacks/cyanide.

Sit down, get up and fix lunch.

Sit down, try and figure out where my story is and get back what was running through my head this morning, only to find out it left without me.

Get up & take the puppy out, sit down, then get up and get my husband lunch because he didn’t hear me over his video game the first time.

Sit down, then get up & let the puppy back in.

Sit down, get up and remove the kids from the ceilings.

Sit down, find the puppy has chewed up my notes and peed on the floor again while I was trying to find the duct tape for the kids.  Get up, clean up the mess and curse that the duct tape babysitter isn’t available today.

Sit back down with a new, completely inspired storyline that was even better than the one this morning, and find the battery on the laptop has died.

Ahhh, the glamorous life of a romance writer.  If you’re a writer, do you have anything that you do before writing to ‘get you in the mood’?